Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips in Dallas, TX

What does it take to care for your lawn in the fall season in Dallas, TX? Caring for your lawn yard seems to be a lot of work but you need to know what you’re doing to make it work. If you’re looking to keep your lawn beautiful and green during fall, your best bet is to hire a Dallas lawn care service for professional help.

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In this post, we have listed the top 10 fall lawn care tips in Dallas, TX. These tips will help home owners stay informed on what their lawns need to stay beautiful. The good news is, you can hire a professional from GoMow Lawn Mowing, Dallas to take care of your lawn regularly.

  1. Over-seed your lawns during fall

    One Dallas lawn care tip to take seriously during fall is to over-seed the lawn during fall to make up for patch, uneven grass growth. Over-seeding should be done using grass of the same species. First water down the affected area, introduce a bit of fertilizer before introducing seedlings for best results. Fall lawn care in Dallas, TX can make or mar your lawn so it’s best to hire a vetted lawn service for it.

  2. Clean up the lawn

    Fall season comes after summer which means it’s time to do some cleaning from all the sunny activities.

    Clean debris and dead grass, remove dead leaves, thatch and sticks to improve the look and feel of the lawn.

    Cleaning up the lawn is an essential part of lawn maintenance in Dallas, TX. If there is summer decor on the lawn, it will have to be removed to make way for the fall season. Dirt and debris can block your lawn’s access to resources like water, nutrients and oxygen.

  3. Aerate the lawn

    Aeration breaks up compacted soil to increase the permeation of nutrients through it. Aeration can be done using gardening tools or an aerator. Carry out aeration on the lawn just after the summer season to enhance the soil’s ability to absorb nutrients.

  4. Fertilize

    The Fall season is a great time to fertilize your lawn. The grass roots will absorb more nutrients from the feed at this time. By the time your grass becomes dormant as the weather is colder, the nutrients would already be in use.

    Fertilizing should only be done at the beginning of fall, just after summer.

    For best results on fertilizer usage, consult your local lawn mowing service in Dallas.

  5. Introduce Pre-emergent weed control

    Weeds are known to hide in the earth during the cold season only to come out during spring and take over lawns. This is why it’s important to introduce pre-emergent weed control as your grass goes dormant in winter. Consult with a lawn care company in Dallas, TX to recommend and implement a weed killer capable of preventing this problem.

  6. Mulching could be beneficial

    Adding mulch to your lawn yard adds a good number of benefits ranging from beautifying your property to increasing nutrient levels and protecting plant roots as the weather turns inevitably colder. Your Dallas lawn care routine should include mulching your soil to experience these added benefits.

  7. Tackle pests early

    Pests are likely to be present on your lawn after the summer season so it’s important to tackle them early head-on. Monitor and take note of any changes on your landscape then take action accordingly. A lawn care service in Dallas, TX could be contracted to check your space often.

    GoMow Lawn Mowing, TX offers a weekly lawn mowing service in Dallas, TX. This service can also work as a means of monitoring your grass to keep things in check.

  8. Treat lawn diseases before they spread

    Lawn diseases can affect the beauty and health of your lawn if left unattended.

    Check your lawn for patchy growth, thin spots, brown or yellow spots and uneven growths of grass.

    The Causes of these conditions are usually disease related. Early identification and treatment will help you restore your lawn to its proper state.

  9. Water the right way

    Regular, timely watering the right way can maintain your soil and grass in great shape. Try to water your lawn at least once a week during the fall season. Care must be taken not to flood the lawn while doing this. A Dallas lawn service in your area can help with sorting this out with little room for mistakes.

  10. Start early for best results

    An early start to your fall lawn care in Dallas can boost your chances of keeping your lawn in perfect shape. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to start lawn care in Dallas, TX for fall season.

    For your mowing needs, GoMow Lawn Mowing, Dallas, TX offers an online lawn service where you can get a free quote online.

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