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$30.00 +Mow

Prices vary from small, average and larger home lots

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GoMow offers different lawn mowing cost plans starting from a base price of $30 for lawn mowing to serve our customers. Using a lawn care pricing chart, it’s easy to determine the average lawn mowing cost in the industry. This information will guide your choices. Some lawn services charge lawn mowing prices per hour spent on the lawn. We provide our lawn mowing service cost based on the size of your lawn.

GoMow offers weekly and bi-weekly service from March through December to all lawn care customers. During January and February, we switched all accounts to Bi-weekly for an improved experience.

*PLEASE NOTE: Tri-Weekly service is offered on limited availability. We also run an extended schedule to include a winter service.

Customers can choose to go “next season” at any time in which we will reserve their mow day and mowing rate for the next season.

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How Do I Know If I’m Getting The Best Price For Lawn Care?

Depending on the size of the lawn and the length of time since it was last mowed, the average lawn care service cost ranges from $30 to $100 for every visit. The average homeowner may have to spend more because the lawn care cost relies on several variables, but mostly the size of the yard. Prices might be as little as $30 for a single lawn cut that is less than an acre, or they can be significantly higher. Some lawn care firms charge lawn mowing rates per hour, so it’s essential to take a look at their lawn care pricing guide (if available) if you’re new to hiring professional lawn care.

We conducted the research on yard service prices so you can always be sure the cost of your yard maintenance cost is reasonable. GoMow Lawn Care’s price is one of the most budget-friendly in Texas.

To receive a price estimate for your lawn, kindly use our online estimate calculator.

The Best Price For Lawn Care In Texas

How Our Pricing Works

It can be challenging to choose a lawn care company when considering lawn service pricing. Typically, you hire a lawn service; an expert comes to your house, provides you with a lawn care quote, and then completes the task. But are you sure you’re getting a good deal? And if something goes wrong, you can start to wonder if you ought to have done the maintenance yourself.

While other lawn companies might have higher lawn care service prices, we prefer to keep ours modest and affordable for everyone. GoMow charges a flat fee of $30 per mowing session for average-sized lawns. Weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing attracts a different lawn mowing service price list. Services like Edging, Blowing, and Weed Removal will also attract higher lawn care service price lists.

The GoMow quote estimate calculator is designed to calculate the possible lawn service price based on the size of your lawn yard. On your own, you can also check to see what other lawn care companies charge by using search phrases like ‘lawn care prices near me’ or ‘lawn maintenance near me prices.

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