Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips In San Antonio, TX

Top 10 Fall Lawn Care Tips In San Antonio, TX

Caring for your lawn in San Antonio requires a bit of work just like in any other location. This is why it is important to hire lawn mowing companies in San Antonio to handle this for you. If you plan to keep your grass lovely and fresh during fall, it’s in your best interest to hire a San Antonio lawn service for expert assistance.

Lawn mowing in San Antonio, TX is an exclusive preserve of ours at GoMow Lawn Mowing, San Antonio. As one of the best online lawn services in Texas, your lawn will be better for it when you hire our service.

In this post, we have discussed the top 10 fall lawn care tips in San Antonio, TX. Armed with these tips, we are confident that you’d know exactly what it takes to keep your lawn beautiful.

Read on to learn the tips that come with booking a lawn service from GoMow Lawn Mowing, San Antonio to take care of your lawn regularly.

  1. Consider over-seeding

    Over-seeding helps to replenish dying grass, bare spots or grass with weak growth. One San Antonio lawn care tip to consider during fall is over-seeding the lawn. Carry out over-seeding with the same species of grass for uniformity. It’s important to have lawn care in San Antonio, TX handle your lawn to avoid risky mistakes

  2. Cleaning is mandatory

    Cleaning is an important tip to keep your lawn yard free of dirt and debris. Remove dead leaves, broken branches, dirt, used items and what-not to keep your lawn clean. Hire lawn maintenance in San Antonio, TX for assistance if necessary. A clean lawn is a great place for relaxation for you and the family. Clean lawns command more pride, admiration and value.

  3. Aeration helps

    Break up clumps of compacted soil after summer to improve the permeability of water and resources. For small lawns, use a garden instrument like a shovel, spade, and trowel or pitch fork. For large lawns, hire a lawn care service in San Antonio to use a mechanical aerator to loosen your lawn soil.

  4. Feed your lawn

    The fall season is one of the best times to feed your lawn just before the winter season and its customary dormancy.

    Fall season feeding means your grass roots would have absorbed and started utilizing the extra nutrients as winter comes on.

    Organic fertilizers are best for obvious reasons – they have no toxic residues. For the avoidance of doubts and mistakes, consult your lawn mowing service in San Antonio on the best steps to apply fertilizer to your specific grass type.

  5. Apply Pre-emergent herbicides

    Weeds can take root in the soil during winter to deal with your grass. Therefore, it’s necessary to tackle them with a pre-emptive move. How? Introduce pre-emergent weed killers into the soil during the fall season to kill off weeds. Consult with a lawn care service in San Antonio, TX for the best recommendations for pre-emergent weed eliminators for your species of grass.

  6. Mulching is effective

    Mulching adds the much-needed natural nutrients to your lawn.

    In addition, mulching protects your lawn from too much heat from the sun, leaching and weed infestation when done right.

    Your San Antonio lawn care service should ideally carry out mulching from time to time to keep your lawn safe.

  7. Eliminate pests

    Pest infestation as the summer season ends does happen and it’s important that you implement pest control strategies early enough. Monitor and observe changes on your lawn before taking action if necessary.

    Hire a professional lawn care service in San Antonio, TX with a good reputation for pest control for this role.

  8. Tackle disease as quickly as possible

    Every lawn will suffer from a disease attack at some point or another. If left unchecked, disease infestation can affect the look and health of your grass. Observe your lawn for poor growth, dying spots, and browning or yellowing spots of grass. Treat by consulting lawn care service in San Antonio, TX to tackle the outbreak.

  9. Water as frequently as needed

    Consistent watering of the lawn is essential to keeping it in good health. Watering should be done once or twice weekly for best results. Absolute care must be taken not to overwhelm the grass with water however.

    The best time to water the lawn is in the morning before sunrise.

    A San Antonio lawn service in the area can help with regular watering to keep your lawn yard adequately hydrated.

  10. Start fall lawn care early

    An early start to your fall lawn care in San Antonio can improve your chances of having your lawn in good shape. Don’t delay until it’s too late to begin lawn care in San Antonio, TX in the fall season.

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