How Much Does Landscaping Maintenance Cost In Austin, TX?

How Much Does Landscaping Maintenance Cost In Austin, TX?

For property owners in the Austin, TX area, knowing the average landscaping maintenance cost will save you a lot of good money. Typically, this cost can go as high as $100-$200 because it involves a whole lot of different landscape care activities.

Usually, this plethora of activities will include lawn care, gardening, watering, feeding, etc. Combined together, you’ll find out that landscaping maintenance will cost a lot more than your typical lawn care service. This is simply because landscape maintenance is a lot more encompassing than regular lawn care.

Landscaping maintenance costs in Austin, TX can be high when the following conditions are prevalent:

  • The size of the property is large
  • Several different lawns care and landscape activities are required
  • Landscaping maintenance is needed more frequently than average
  • When the terrain is challenging or has obstacles on it
  • When you hire an expensive lawn mowing service in Austin, TX

It’s important to note that for general landscaping maintenance, which also involves lawn care, gardening, maintenance services, and cleaning, a typical Austin property owner can spend between $100 and $200 every month.

Homeowners who need these services more frequently will also likely spend more. This is one of the reasons why we advise residents to go for retainer landscaping services rather than a one-off. A retainer service plan is more pocket-friendly in the long run compared to a one-off, pay-as-you-go service.

It is necessary to also note that landscaping services or lawn maintenance in Austin with employees will charge somewhat higher than a company run by an individual. Overhead costs from paying salaries will definitely impact the service fees of the former compared to the latter. As also mentioned earlier, lawn yard size, location, and amount of work needed to affect the cost of landscaping maintenance for your yard.

Hiring a lawn mowing service for your landscape maintenance needs comes with several benefits. Your grass gets treated professionally by experts who are knowledgeable about lawn care. Your home looks well-maintained and fresh. An increased property value can also be attributed to having a home with an awesome landscape.

If you’re an older homeowner or perhaps, you’re too busy or lack the time to care for your property. Going for landscaping maintenance is a no-brainer that benefits you.

Feel free to get in touch with us at GoMow Lawn Mowing, Austin so we can schedule an appointment for you whenever you’re ready.

With most homeowners looking to have a bit of landscape in their homes, the need for landscape maintenance has increased over the years. Fortunately, we are one of the best lawn mowing companies in Austin, TX. Whether it is a large lawn or a small one, we will give it a quality mowing treatment at an affordable cost.

Every lawn needs to be taken care of and that’s the objective of every lawn mowing service. Every lawn care service has a core service they provide along with mowing. It could be cleaning, pest control, watering, or aeration. Tree pruning can cost as high as $200 depending on different factors.

Aeration costs an average of $75 – $200 or even more. Dethatching can cost as high as $200 – $400 while installing an irrigation sprinkler system can cost upwards of $1500.

For us at GoMow Lawn Mowing Service, Austin, TX, we provide professional lawn mowing. On average, our fees range from $33- $50 depending on the size of the lawn and what your contract states. If you are looking to hire lawn maintenance in Austin, TX, trust us to deliver the best mowing experience ever.

To reduce your landscape maintenance costs, only pick tasks that are absolutely necessary.

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