When Is The Best Time To Do Residential Lawn Mowing?

When Is The Best Time To Do Residential Lawn Mowing?

When you live in a residential area, you are bound to have neighbors living close by. This is a good thing because it can promote a deep sense of community and friendship with your neighbors. Unfortunately, this also means you might learn how your lawn mowing activities disturb your neighbors. It happens with even the most well-meaning neighbors – the rough sound of lawnmower engines early in the morning can disturb sleep or affect focus when you need some peace and quiet. Your lawn mowing service of choice should also be aware of this information.

So the question of when is the best time to do residential lawn mowing keeps coming up. Nobody wants to be that neighbor that’s infamous for disturbing the neighborhood. Your neighbors have as much right as you do in the area you live. Though there are no standard rules when it comes to the best time to do residential mowing, we believe residents should do their due diligence before picking a time to mow their lawn.

It is of great importance to only carry out residential mowing to those times when most neighbors are already up for the day or out of the neighborhood. This will reduce the chances of conflict and preserve the communal spirit.

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Apart from the chances of disturbing your neighbors, another reason to choose the best time to mow is to give your grass the best chances of healthy recovery after mowing.

Morning lawn mowing is great but can be a problem for other residents. At this time of the day, the lawn is still wet from the night dew and the heat from the sun is less. There’s also less strain on the lawn care personnel mowing the lawn.

Afternoon lawn mowing isn’t advised because there is increased heat which causes evaporation as the grass is cut low. There’s also a danger of heatstroke on the individual carrying out the lawn mowing.

Evening mowing is advised against as well because the cut grass will undergo a lot of moisture absorption overnight which can speed up disease infestation like molds, and other fungal conditions.

In general, the best time to for residential lawn mowing is between 8 am and 10 am.

At this time of the day, most people would already be out of bed. There will be fewer annoyed people and of course, less friction in your community. When you mow between 8 am and 10 am, you will find out that a lot of people would have gone about their business or at the very least, are out of bed.

Night mowing is completely out of it, whether you are using a next-day lawn care service or doing it yourself. Your neighbors aren’t going to appreciate such noise when they’re planning to go to bed at night. In addition, night mowing predisposes your grass to disease attacks due to the extra moisture that forms at night.

If in doubt about the best time to mow your residential lawn, we also suggest speaking to the ones closest to you to find out what their opinions are. We offer a lawn mowing online service at GoMow Lawn Care Service, TX.

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