Cost Of Lawn Mowing Price Guide In Texas Areas

Cost Of Lawn Mowing Price Guide In Texas Areas

When it comes to the cost of lawn mowing price, different factors have to be considered. On average, most lawn mowing service plans cost $33 for a simple lawn mowing service.

Some lawn mowing services can charge an hourly rate ranging from $20 to as high as $50 per hour in some areas. Factors like the size of the lawn, the mowing frequency needed, the number of extra services needed, etc can influence the lawn care price list.

In this guide, we have discussed the cost of lawn mowing and everything you should know about pricing and getting the best deals for your lawn yard.

Average Price of Lawn Mowing

Whether you are looking to schedule a lawn service online or book at your local lawn service, the end goal is to get a fair price that doesn’t hurt your pocket. GoMow Lawn Care Service provides professional lawn mowing services that are favorable to Texas residents in their different cities.

Typically, we offer a free quote estimate on the GoMow website where visitors who need lawn care services can enjoy affordable lawn care costs.

While small to average-sized lawns will cost around $40, large lawns will cost about $80 or more. However, at GoMow Lawn Mowing, TX, we charge $33 for small to average-sized lawns and $50 for large lawn yards.

This is a standard lawn mowing service where we mow your lawn, trim edges, and sidewalks, and remove grass clippings from your lawn yard to keep your space neat.

For extra lawn care services, it will require extra fees and we can help with referrals on any lawn maintenance specialist requests.

Factors that Affect Lawn Mowing Price

  • Size of the lawn
    As stated earlier in this guide, the size of the lawn is a major factor that determines the lawn mowing cost. If a lawn is large, the lawn mowing cost would be high. Small lawns cost less because of this size factor.
  • Mowing frequency
    The mowing rate determines the price of the lawn mowing service. Lawn owners who require regular owing would definitely pay more than lawn services that only need once weekly or bi-weekly mowing. To keep your lawn yard in great shape, consider agreeing on a lawn mowing service plan that fits your budget.
  • Other services needed
    Lawn care servicesare beyond lawn mowing as there are other activities that are needed to keep your lawn in good health. When included in your next-day lawn care, the cost of lawn mowing would increase.

    The other services might include watering, mulching, fertilizer application, weeding, etc which all cost more than regular lawn mowing.

  • Location of the property
    Lawn mowing prices vary per location. Some cities will cost more than others. At GoMow Lawn mowing, we offer reliable and trusted next-day lawn care where we care for your grass with a professional service that you can afford.

What We Offer at GoMow

GoMow Lawn Care Service offers affordable lawn mowing costs for residents of Texas across different cities.

When you need a reliable lawn service you can trust, we are your best solution. Our teams are supportive and available 5 days a week to handle all your grass cutting needs.