12 Spring Lawn Care Tips For Plano, TX

12 Spring Lawn Care Tips For Plano, TX

Spring season in Plano, TX comes with certain lawn care tips that are designed to keep your lawn yard in perfect form for the New Year. Though there might still be a bit of snowing and it might still be too early to begin spring lawn care, it doesn’t hurt to know what’s involved in the process.

Spring lawn care makes it possible to get your beautiful grass ready for the new season. At this time, engaging your lawn care service in Plano, TX for spring lawn care should be your next logical step!

Here are 12 spring lawn care tips for Plano, TX:

  1. Deep Raking

    After the cold of winter, it’s very easy for your lawn yard to look unkempt and poorly maintained. This is understandable as winter lawn care is often minimal. The way out is to get the lawn yard raked deeply to remove debris, organic matter, and dirt that must have collected on the lawn.

    This can be done yourself or by the lawn care services in charge of your lawn maintenance. Rake deeply to remove thatch, dead leaves, sticks, dirt, and what-not to give your lawn a clean look.

  2. Inspect the lawn

    Inspection is important for your lawn’s health as it helps you figure out any issues on time. Carry out inspection in early spring just before the new season picks up fully. Invite your lawn care company in Plano, TX to come to check your lawn and make corrective suggestions where needed.

  3. Test the lawn soil

    Soil content determines how well your lawn can grow. Therefore, it’s important to test the soil from time to time to know its health. Testing the soil will provide information on its nutrient level, salt content, pH level, etc.

    Certain soil types are great for growing grass while others are not so great. Test your soil to know if there are deficiencies present.

    To get started with this process, engage your Plano lawn care services for assistance.

  4. Have a reliable watering system

    Of course, spring lawn care would involve a reliable watering system that will keep your lawn green, fresh, and hydrated. Every living thing needs water and your grass needs it about twice a week. It’s important to invest in a watering or irrigation system that is reliable and functional.

    Consider having an automated sprinkler system installed on your lawn by a professional lawn care service in Plano, TX of your choice. Watering should be done deeply but once or twice a week to encourage the development of a deep root system by our grass.

  5. Only fertilize if necessary

    Fertilizing the lawn is great but only if it’s the right time to do so. Typically, the best time to fertilize your lawn should be during fall because, at this time, the grass would have exhausted its nutrient capacity and requires boosting. Consider adding fertilizer if it’s proven that your lawn grass actually needs nutrient improvement.

    If you must fertilize the lawn, get professional help by hiring a lawn care service to handle the process. Then again, only organic fertilizer types are recommended. This type of fertilizer is safer and more effective on the lawn in the long run.

  6. Do not aerate the lawn

    With winter quickly declining, spring lawn care isn’t the best time to aerate the lawn. Don’t do this simply because aeration is best done infrequently, usually after summer, in fall. Frequent aeration can damage your soil structure by creating too many holes and overly-loose earth.

    These are reasons why aeration is advised to be carried out only once a year. Having been done in fall the previous year, aerating the lawn soil again in spring would be too soon.

  7. Over-seeding isn’t necessary for spring

    Well, it’s true, over-seeding isn’t necessary for spring lawn care. Unless there is an obvious lawn problem affecting your lawn and the grass is growing sparsely, over-seeding is best done in the fall season after the stress of summer. It might be necessary to confirm from your lawn mowing service if over-seeding is needed before taking it up.

  8. Clean your lawn yard area

    To keep the lawn yard in perfect shape for spring, it’s necessary to keep it clean. This means cleaning out the gutters, taking out the dirt, sweeping leaves, and generally keeping the landscape in good shape.

    After winter, your lawn yard is bound to be dirty and in need of cleaning so go ahead to experience some lawn mowing online to make your lawn beautiful again.

  9. Introduce mulch

    Mulch not only protects the lawn soil but also adds a good dose of nutrients to your soil’s content. It also prevents in maintain moisture in the soil.

    For spring lawn care, apply mulch to your lawn to help with its growth and overall performance. For best results, introduce mulching into the lawn in mid to late spring because early spring still has some of winter’s cold present. You could also get some help by hiring a lawn service company in Plano, TX to handle the mulching process to avoid mistakes.

  10. Treat your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides

    Weeds are quite quick to grow in your lawn same as grass during spring. To get rid of weeds, you might want to hire a Plano lawn care service to do it right.

    These unwanted plants will compete with your grass for food, water, and oxygen and if left unattended, can hurt them. Therefore, it’s important to tackle them head-on before it gets out of hand. We advise treating your lawn with per-emergent herbicides to tackle weeds before they take root in the spring season.

  11. Get your lawn care equipment ready

    For spring lawn care, consider getting your lawn equipment ready if you own some. Clean your lawn care tools and equipment. Apply oil to the moveable parts, sharpen lawn mower blades, check to confirm functionality, and get ready for New Year lawn care. At this point, you might also need to renew your lawn care package with your next-day lawn service.

  12. Hire a lawn mowing service in Plano, TX

    Hiring a lawn mowing service like GoMow Lawn Care Service might just be the best thing to do for your lawn yard for spring lawn mowing. We are a professional lawn mowing service in Plano, TX committed to delivering quality lawn mowing to residential owners in the Plano area.

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