How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer Season In Irving, TX

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Summer Season In Irving, TX

Lawn care is important in all seasons especially when you are looking to own a lawn yard that actually feels and looks great consistently. For lawn owners who are too busy to handle lawn care in Irving, we have discussed several steps on how to prepare your lawn for the summer season in Irving, TX.

These steps are affordable, easy-to-implement, and effective in keeping grass lawns great during the summer months.

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  1. Irrigate the lawn

    Water is a top essential commodity for lawns during summer. Not surprising when you factor in the increased heat from the sun.

    A lot of sunshine means more drying up of the soil from evaporation. Consider regular watering either manually via watering pipes, cans, etc, or having sprinklers set up on the lawn.

    Some of the water control accessories can be bought or set up by a professional lawn service in Irving, TX.

    A lawn yard owner doesn’t need to get involved physically to get water introduced to the lawn. Watering is best done once or twice weekly – it should be deep and thorough in soaking up all areas of the soil with an extra height of water on the surface after watering.

  2. Clean up the lawn

    A clean lawn is a prerequisite for a well-done summer lawn season. Clean debris, pack dirt, remove wastes, and every other remnant that can pose a risk to the health of the lawn. Cleaning can be done without hiring a lawn service in Irving, TX. Use a rake to remove dirt and pack debris off the lawn in readiness for a new lawn care season. Dead grass, twigs, and thatch are some items that need removal from the lawn to keep it in good shape.

  3. Cut your grass when due

    Grass cutting is a mandatory aspect of summer lawn care that is necessary to keep the yard in good shape. Mow once or twice weekly or as required by the grass on the lawn yard. While some grasses require daily growth, others take longer to grow enough to be cut.

    Mow accordingly based on the type of grass species on your lawn yard. Mow diagonally and cut only one-third of the grass length grass to avoid scalping the lawn grass.

  4. Over-seed the Lawn

    In summer, due to its harsh weather conditions, there are more incidents of dying, browning, or balding spots on the lawn. A patchy lawn is not a beautiful sight to behold any day, any time. The best way out is to over-seed the affected areas with seedlings of the same grass species. However, over-seeding should only be carried out by experienced lawn maintenance in Irving, TX.

    To over-seed the lawn, it’s important to be careful with the service you hire. Processes involved include watering, soil inspection and preparation, fertilizer introduction, and top dressing. When these steps are implemented, you can be certain of getting great results on your lawn. Over-seeding is vital and keeps your lawn green and healthy during the summer months.

  5. Top dress the lawn yard

    Topdressing is a practice that benefits the lawn in several ways. One, it keeps the lawn soil moist and reduces evaporation. Secondly, it’s effective against weeds that can take root in the soil if adequate measures are not put in place.

    Topdressing involves the use of nutrient-rich soil feeds which increases the health and growth of your lawn in summer.

  6. Aerate the soil to loosen it

    Soil compaction negatively affects the soil and consequently impacts the grass. Aerate the soil to loosen it by using a rake, gardening fork, or a mechanical aerator.

    When properly aerated, your lawn soil experienced greater nutrient, water, and air circulation which is essential for the grass’ optimal health.

    Aerate just before or after summer, ideally, it should be done once a year as too much aeration poses certain risks. For best results, consult with a lawn service that offers lawn mowing in Irving, TX.

  7. Look out for weeds

    Weeds are very effective in spring so it’s important to be on the lookout for them as spring turns to summer. Tackle weeds head-on using natural methods like growing your lawn grass thick or introducing pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides.

Getting your lawn ready for summer requires professional assistance. At GoMow Lawn Care Service, we are available with a top lawn mowing service in Irving, TX to keep your grass well-maintained, green, and healthy.
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