How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring Season In Carrollton, TX

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring Season In Carrollton, TX

When spring begins, there’s a need to implement a thorough lawn care session to remove all effects of cold winter from the lawn so it can recover fully. Spring is a time for new growth and beginnings so it’s important to set the pace for your lawn care in the New Year the right way. Whether you are looking to go deep into lawn maintenance in Carrollton, TX, or simply focus on the basics, spring lawn care deserves careful execution to encourage a healthy lawn.

In this post, we have discussed the exact steps on how to prepare your lawn for the spring season in Carrollton, TX.

  1. Rake and clean the lawn yard

    For spring lawn care, raking deeply and cleaning the lawn yard are activities that are needed to get the lawn ready for the new grass growing season.

    Cleaning will remove winter remnants, debris, and dirt from the lawn. Raking will loosen the soil, remove thatch and rid it of unwanted elements that can jeopardize the growth of the grass.

    Thatch and debris buildup can hurt your grass to a large extent if left on the lawn. Rake hard and thoroughly to thaw the earth from the remaining cold from winter. Hire lawn care in Carrollton, TX to handle all your spring lawn care needs to avoid stressing yourself too hard in the new year.

  2. Aerate the lawn yard

    Aeration can help thaw the soil faster especially for lawn yards in areas with freezing temperatures. Compaction of the soil is also a problem that can happen when there is a lot of traffic on the lawn.

    Feel free to hire a lawn care service in Carrollton, TX for your lawn aeration needs. When aeration is done, it breaks up compacted soil which means there is greater permeability of nutrients, water, and air.

    Aeration should only be done sparingly if the soil actually needs it. Summer and late fall are the best time of the year to aerate the soil. It’s important to involve lawn mowing in Carrollton, TX for any lawn care activities to ensure the lawn gets what’s best for it.

  3. Inspect and treat the lawn

    With winter gone, spring is a good time to inspect the lawn, assess its condition and treat any problems before the new lawn cycle begins. Soil tests are important to confirm if your grass is growing in a healthy condition.

    Soil p.H tests, nutrient content tests, among others are some of the tests required to check the state of your lawn as the spring season begins.

    Consider looking out for potential disease outbreaks, pest and insect infestation, and nutrient deficiency in the oil. The best way to go about this is to hire a Carrollton lawn service for professional evaluation so there are no mistakes. Disease and pest conditions are often best handled when detected early.

  4. Introduce fertilizer to keep the lawn nutrient-rich

    Lawns need fertilizers after undergoing the dormancy that comes with the cold winter season. Organic fertilizers are the ideal choice. They’re natural, break down faster, and have no side effects when used according to instructions.

    Like everything in life, organic fertilizers need to be used in moderation or as recommended. While some fertilizers are fast-acting and yield results really fast, others are slow-acting. Ultimately, the goal should be to improve the look and health of your lawn.

    Many lawn experts suggest introducing fertilizers lightly in the spring season to avoid undue competition from other plants that might have seedlings in your turf too. Like we always mention, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Consult with a lawn mowing service in Carrollton, TX to avoid getting into costly, avoidable lawn care mistakes.

  5. Apply pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides

    One of the biggest challenges in lawn care in the spring season is tackling weeds. If measures are not put in place, weeds are likely to spring new life along with your lawn grass. Weeds will harm your lawn grass in the long run if left to grow without permanently taking them out.

    If you prefer to have a freshly growing spring season lawn, pre-emergent herbicides are necessary to stop weeds from taking root in the first place.

    Even at that, some weed species are tough and may somehow survive pre-emergent herbicides. In this case, applying post-emergent herbicides are the way to go. Combining pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killers have proven to be effective in dealing conclusively with weeds on lawns.

    Removal by hand and topical applications are some other effective means of eliminating weeds from the lawn. For spring lawn care in Carrollton, TX, consult with a professional lawn care service on the best route to take.

  6. Prepare the lawnmower for the new season

    Spring lawn care means one thing – it’s time to start mowing regularly once again! At this time, prepare and service the lawnmower for action. Check for leaks, malfunctions, and problematic performance. Clean the lawnmower, sharpen blades, oil mobile parts, and ensure the lawnmower is working perfectly well.

If you hire a lawn mowing service in Carrollton, TX like GoMow Lawn Mowing, TX for your mowing, spring lawn care season is a good time to renew your service packages. By re-hiring a lawn mowing service, things can remain in good shape without any breaks.

For all mowing tasks, GoMow Lawn Care Service offers a professional lawn mowing service designed to keep your lawn well-trimmed, beautiful, and green all season long. You also get to enjoy a free quote when you visit our website online.