How To Get Rid Of Snow Mold Safely In San Antonio, TX

How To Get Rid Of Snow Mold Safely In San Antonio, TX

Spring season is a beautiful time of the year for many reasons. If nothing else, it’s the season of new growth of your vegetation, which includes your garden and grass lawn. A word of caution though, it’s important to protect your lawn from the dangers of snow mold which is rampant as the snow melts off your property. Hiring affordable lawn care in San Antonio, TX can protect your lawn from these dangers to a large extent.

Should you look closely at melted snow on grass lawns, you’re likely to see whitish-grey or whitish-pink patches on the surface of your lawn. What you’re looking at isn’t melted snow but snow mold which is a common enemy of cold-season grasses and leaves. In this post, we have discussed the best ways to get rid of snow mold safely in San Antonio, TX.

What is Snow Mold?

Snow Mold is a fungal disease known to attack lawns and vegetation in general when there’s been a lot of moisture at a spot. Usually, snow mold sprouts as the snow melt off your lawn. It comes in two forms with one being more damaging than the other.

The pink snow mold causes more harm than the gray snow mold in most cases. While the former attacks leaves and roots taking out the whole plant, the latter only affects the leafy blades making it easy for your grass to regenerate.

Snow mold kills off grass in small patches and is known to cause allergies in some people. Care must be taken to eradicate their presence using fungicides applies by lawn maintenance in San Antonio, TX.

Common Signs of Snow Mold

If you are experienced, it’s quite easy to identify snow mold on your grass. Upon inspection, you’d notice matted-down, straw-colored grass topped by gooey whitish-pink or gray matter. If you are allergic to snow mold, you’ll also notice your reaction to it. At any point, if you can notice snow mold on your lawn, it’s already too late. Taking preventative action at this point would be a waste of time. Your best bet to save your lawn would be to consult a lawn care service in San Antonio about the effective elimination methods available.

Treating Snow Mold

Hiring a lawn treatment service remains your best bet to take out snow mold off your lawn effectively. To remove snow mold, hire a cheap lawn service in San Antonio to deliver fungicide treatment specifically for molds if the infestation is severe.

In addition to this, consider raking the affected parts to remove the straw-colored grass matter. Before either of these treatments, the lawn should be cut low to facilitate drying out because snow mold doesn’t do well in the heat. Pink snow mold dies off at 60 degrees F while Gray snow mold dies at 5 degrees F.

To avoid making costly mistakes, consult a professional lawn mowing service for hands-on advice on the best step for your peculiar circumstance.

Preventing Snow Mold

Stopping snow mold from taking up residence on your lawn isn’t often foolproof. However, some effective ways that can work include the following:

  1. Mowing the lawn low as winter approaches. More exposure means less moisture on the surface as winter sets in.
  2. Remove thatch to eliminate moisture being held below the coming snow. A simple garden rake can be used to dethatch the lawn surface.
  3. Create proper drainage to remove water from the topsoil. Sitting water combined with snowfall on top of it will cause a devastating episode of snow mold.
  4. Apply lawn fungicides late in the fall season to eliminate spores of snow mold before winter settles in. Only handle chemical agents with guidance from a lawn care service in San Antonio or better yet, allow them to take care of it.
  5. Remove debris and snow from the surface of your lawn as soon as possible. The less snow that sits on top of your grass over some time, the better its chances of escaping snow mold infestation.

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