5 Tips for Keeping Your Grass Green During a Drought in Dallas, TX

5 Tips For Keeping Your Grass Green During A Drought In Dallas, TX

Watching your once green and healthy lawn looking dry and brown during a drought can be a hurtful experience especially if you’re someone that loves lawns. Unfortunately, drought cannot be prevented completely but its effect on lawns can be mitigated with proper preparation by lawn care services.

In this post, we have listed 5 tips for keeping your grass green during a drought in Dallas, TX. Implementing these tips could mean the difference between a surviving lawn yard, thanks to effective lawn care during drought, or a dead/dormant one.

Be careful of overwatering the lawn

While it might sound like a great idea to flood your lawn with water during a drought, it is better not to do so. Grass needs to work for any water available to it. Water deeply for a while then stop. Watering time should be within 20 minutes of a deep soak. Allow the grass roots to search and seek for water underneath the soil, thereby growing deeper roots which are healthy. How long a drought will last is anyone’s guess, therefore, it’s vital that a lawn becomes resilient to be able to survive the stress. Most lawn care services will suggest less watering so adhere to the professionals.

Apply fertilizer in small quantities

Drought can be tough on plants when it lasts longer than expected from forecasts. If this is the case, consider introducing fertilizer to the lawn to add essential nutrients to it. Only allow fertilizers that are rich in the main nutrients needed by plants to be used. Such nutrients include Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium – the 3 essential plant nutrients.

It’s important to consult lawn care services near me to be sure of the type of fertilizer you need to get. The wrong fertilizer can harm the lawn in an irreversible way. In fact, wrong use of fertilizer can harm both plants and animals. Proceed with fertilizer use with caution.

Mow minimally during drought

Drought season isn’t the ideal time to mow lawn especially, with the fact that there’s little growth on the lawn. Plant metabolism slows down actively so mowing frequently will have adverse effects. Mow high if grass cutting is a recommended decision for your lawn. Ensure that the mower blades of your lawn care service aren’t set wrongly. The industry average for lawn mowing is 3 – 4 inches of grass leaf length.

When you hire a lawn care service in Dallas, TX, professional lawn mowing becomes a strong benefit of that decision.

Manage your soil

Preparing and managing your soil is important in keeping grass green even during drought. Soil quality is different in different soil types. Some soil types are richer in nutrient concentration than others. A few others hold enough water to stay hydrated for long periods of time during a drought.

Lawn care practices that improve the soil include aeration, de-thatching, fertilizer application, and top-dressing. Carried out right, lawns develop an efficient deep root system that helps their survival during the drought period.

Eradicate pests completely

If there is a worst time for a lawn to experience a pest attack, it is during a drought. Tackling these unwanted pesky pests preemptively is highly recommended. Pests like army worms are known to feed on grass leaves in droves. Various bugs dig and burrow underground damaging the soil structure and uprooting grass. Grubs and other larvae-like pests feed on grass roots causing serious destruction if left unattended. Drought challenges will be worse if pests are not eradicated completely beforehand. Enlist the help of a proven lawn care during a drought to tackle pests early to avoid pest infestation issues.

Keeping your grass green during a drought in Dallas isn’t impossible. It can be done with dedication, patience and the right application of information. For new or inexperienced lawn owners, professional assistance from a lawn care service in Dallas, TX, can make all the difference. The right lawn care service can turn around the status of a lawn yard. These 5 tips can keep your lawn green, lush and beautiful even in a terrible Dallas drought

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