The Importance of heat-Resistant Native Grass For Texas Homes.

The Importance Of Heat-Resistant Native Grass For Texas Homes.

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GoMow, explains the importance of heat-resistant native grass for Texas homes.

Summertime in Dallas means a homeowner needs to have a lawn that can handle tremendous heat, heavy rain – or sometimes, no rain.

At GoMow, we see thousands of lawns and spend thousands of hours making them look great. Maybe you’ve wondered, what kinds of grass are best for homes in Dallas?

In early 2015 we had a lot of rainfall, but that was unusual. In Dallas, the healthiest lawns seem to be those that are drought resistant. Not only do drought resistant grasses stand up well against those high-temperature Texas summers, but the drought-resistant grass tends to have additional advantages, including:

  • Fewer chemicals for maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced water bills

But this type of grass still needs to be cut. What do you do when you want a professional-looking & well-maintained lawn, but because of your busy schedule, you can’t devote the time necessary to it? That’s where Go Mow comes in.

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