How to maintain lawn mower for perfect lawn mowing

How To Maintain Lawn Mower For Perfect Lawn Mowing

Lawns are beautiful works of art when managed with a well-maintained lawn mower. Owning a lawn means you might have to get a lawn mower of your own.

Even in a case where you have to use the services of a lawn mowing provider constantly, there are still times when you want to do it yourself.

There are different types of lawn mowers, and each one has their unique features. These different designs mean that every type has its own special ways to take good care of it. Using a badly maintained lawn mower on your lawn might not be the best way of taking care of your lawn.

When getting a professional lawn mower, the following mower maintenance tips will help keep it in good form to mow your lawn beautifully.

  1. Choose a Mower that Fits Your Lawn Yard

    It is very important to select a professional lawn mower that fits your lawn yard best. If you have a large yard, a push mower may not be the ideal type of mower to go for. Similarly, if you have a small lawn yard, you may want to avoid a tractor mower simply because it won’t fit into the small corners of your space.

    There are a number of other factors to consider when thinking of going for a lawnmower. Consider the cost of repairs, the source of power and the durability, etc.

  2. Mow When Grasses Are Dry

    The best time of the day to mow your lawn is when the grasses aren’t wet. Your mower blades are made from metal and not impervious to moisture. Rust can set in later especially if the metal parts are not dried off after a wet mowing session.

    Mowing when the grasses are dry means that your mower blades will be dryer too and less affected by moisture. Dry grasses are also easier to cut through than wet grasses.

  3. Clean and Dry the Mower Blades Often

    A clean mower is a perfect mowing tool for cutting your grasses. After each mowing session, it is advisable to clean the mower off and drying it to remove grass clippings, dirt and moisture from its blades and other sensitive areas.

    Without cleaning the lawn mower, it is easy for it to accumulate dirt which clogs its mechanism and subsequently causes a malfunction. When this happens, either the lawnmower stops working entirely, or it becomes problematic.

    Drying off the mower is also an aspect of keeping your lawn mower in good shape. Lawnmowers most useful parts are the mowing blades and the engine component. Accumulated moisture on these parts means that there is going to be rust sooner than later. A machine with rusted parts will hardly work well as you already know.

  4. Schedule Maintenance and Repairs Regularly

    All lawn mowers need proper maintenance and repairs to work well for a long period of time. As a fact, you don’t need to wait until your lawn mower has become faulty before you start doing maintenance or repair as the case may be.

    You can arrange a schedule with a lawn mower repairer to run some maintenance activities on your mower to keep it in good shape. If that is not possible, your manual might give you some instructions on how to do your maintenance yourself.

    Generally, maintenance will involve cleaning and dry the parts, removing and putting in new oil in the movable parts to reduce any friction and increase its efficiency. While doing the maintenance yourself, be careful around the mower blade as it can be very sharp to touch.

  5. Ensure the Mower Blades Are Set Correctly

    Badly set mower blades mean your lawn grasses are going to be cut badly. The correct height to set your mower blades should cut only one-third of the grass length. Anything lower or higher will either not cut enough if the lawn is over-grown or will expose the tender base of the grasses to the sun’s intense heat.

    Incidents of scorched grasses are usually caused by cutting too low to the grass. If in doubt on how to get this done, involve a lawn mowing service near you to help set your lawn blades.

  6. Contact a Professional Lawn Mowing Service for Recommendations

    All lawn care services have professional lawn mowers that are best suited for any lawn. If you are planning on getting your lawn mower, you may have to ask any reputable lawn mowing service near you for recommendations on the best mower to go for.

    Usually, they will be eager to help you out for free by recommending one to you. You can do more research online to check out their recommendation and the reviews on it before going ahead with your purchase.

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