How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost In Dallas, TX?

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost In Dallas, TX?

If you own a lawn yard, caring for it will come at a financial cost which you need to put into consideration. Different lawn activities have different costs. For instance, lawn mowing can cost as low as $30 and as high as $250 or more depending on the size of the lawn yard. Similarly, lawn aeration can cost more than water application, all things being equal.

Therefore, as a Dallas lawn owner, you might want to know your lawn care services cost in Dallas. If this concern has ever crossed your mind, then reading this post will be quite expository for you.

Cost of Lawn Care in 2024

As much as the cost of lawn is care is dependent on several factors, there are average price ranges to expect. In 2024, there are no significant changes in lawn care cost in Dallas. Price can fluctuate from one of the spectrum to the other when extra factors are considered.

  • Lawn Mowing cost – $25 to $250
  • Lawn Aeration – $40 – $500
  • Lawn Overseeding – $75 – $3000
  • Lawn Fertilization – $50 – $750
  • Lawn Dethatching – $100 – $1500
  • Watering – $75 – $1000

These costs are averages and don’t reflect the exact price a lawn owner might get for their Dallas lawn. Factors like the type of service needed, the equipment required, the season of the year and the size of the lawn play a role in what the cost of your lawn care will be in 2024.

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Estimated Cost Based on Preferred Lawn Service

The type of lawn service required is a huge factor in determining the cost of your lawn care. This cost isn’t fixed and is often different in various lawn care services in Dallas. Technical know-how and type of equipment to be used can justify the high cost of lawn care paid by lawn owners.

Below is a breakdown of the average cost of lawn care in Dallas.


On average, aeration costs more than most lawn services because of the equipment, skill and effort needed to carry out the tasks. Aeration breaks up clogged up soil making it easier for nutrients to pass through the soil.

Aeration can cost around $75 – $250 depending on the lawn size. Large lawns will command higher lawn care costs.


As the foundation of lawn care servicing, mowing is essential for every lawn owner. Expect cost to range around $30 to $70 or more.

Lawn mowing is better done once or twice weekly depending on how fast your lawn grows. Hiring a lawn care service in Dallas like GoMow Lawn Care Service ensures that you save time. You also get to rest more while owning a beautiful, properly-mown grass yard.


Dethatching can be a chore for large lawn yards. It involves the removal of the dead layer of leaves and dead grass that builds up on the surface of the lawn over time. This layer is called thatch and can be harmful for the lawn.

Like most lawn care activities, dethatching takes time and requires decent amounts of effort. To save you from stress, dethatching costs can range from $100 to $1000 or more.

Leaf Blowing

Lawn care costs in Dallas for leaf blowing can average $50. Some lawn service companies in Dallas might charge higher if you have lots of fallen leaves piled on your landscape.

Budget as high as $450 for large lawns with lots of shedding trees on it.

Fertilizer Application

For lawns needing a bit of nutrient feeding using fertilizers, costs might depend on the type of fertilizer to be used and the expanse of land involved. Average lawn care cost in Dallas for fertilizer application is $250 give or take. It can also be lower than this figure or way higher.

Some lawn services for fertilizer application can charge customers between $50 and $750.

Re-seeding and Over-seeding

Whether it is new grass being planted on the lawn space or a case of over-seeding, the practice of introducing new growth of grass isn’t cheap. Over-seeding can cost upwards of $500 and as high as $2000+. Therefore, it’s important to get it right to avoid costly and avoidable errors.

An alternative to planting seedlings is sod installation. It is fast and easy both in terms of introducing new grass growth and getting it to germinate healthily. Sod installation as a means of re-seeding costs $2000 or more. Large lawns can cost way more than that, upwards of $7000!

Perhaps your lawn needs a new look and you’re thinking of what to do about it. Forget DIY grass planting.

For Dallas residents, it’s important to allow a lawn care services in Dallas to handle any new grass installation to avoid avoidable costly errors. Re-seeding and over-seeding both work great, allowing the professionals to handle it.

Winter care

Taking care of your lawn yard during winter requires exert attention. For this reason, a lawn care service in Dallas is your ideal choice for winter lawn care. Average cost of lawn care during winter can cost up to $400. Check in with your local lawn service to be certain of what it will cost to provide winter maintenance for your yard.

Factors that Influence Lawn Care Cost

Lawn care cost is affected by several causes. In our experience, the following listed below are some factors to take into consideration:

Lawn Package

The type of lawn service chosen determines how much cost you get to pay for your lawn. Some plans are more expensive than others due to the number of benefits in it. Usually, it’s recommended to go for bundled-up plans with low recurring costs.

Size of the Lawn Yard

This factor is one of the most crucial determinant of pricing when it comes to lawn care service cost in Dallas. Lawns on a large expanse of land cost more to care and maintain. Every lawn care exercise will cost more than average on a huge lawn yard. For instance, lawn mowing might cost $30 for small lawns and as high as $150 for large lawns.

State of the Lawn

Lawn care cost in Dallas can be influenced by the current condition of the lawn. Badly-treated lawns will cost more than well-maintained lawns. As you budget money for lawn care, do your due diligence to be certain of what your lawn truly needs. When it is in a fine condition, the cost of taking it becomes less.

Species of Grass

All grass species have their unique features and care requirements. Some grass types need regular mowing which can be expensive. Others need less watering which means less lawn care watering cost. When deciding on a grass type, consider the cost of caring and maintaining it on a longer term. Having the right information about its needs will inform your choice while saving money for you.

Lawn care service cost in Dallas is clearly influenced by a myriad of factors. Therefore, it’s important for lawn yard owners to consider these factors before making decisions. For lawn mowing, GoMow Lawn Care Service provides a professional, affordable lawn service. Our mowing service is designed to deliver a delightful mowing experience to Dallas residents.

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