When To Mow The Lawn In Dallas, TX

When To Mow The Lawn In Dallas, TX

With the cold days of winter ending rapidly and 2022 lawn care in full swing, we will discuss a topic that concerns most lawn owners today! For many homeowners, the question of when to mow the lawn in Dallas, TX is one which they can’t just help but ask. This particular question has several answers because what works for Person A might simply not work for Person B regardless of if you’re using a lawn mowig service in Dallas or not.

How you may ask?

The fact remains that different elements can influence lawn mowing schedules anywhere you are in the world. However, in this post, we have discussed the best times to pick when to mow the lawn in Dallas, TX.

For starters, these are the best conditions to consider mowing:

  1. When the mower blades have just been sharpened

    A mower with sharp blades is a beauty to use to mow the lawn.

    The whole cutting experience is just different and relaxing especially if you’re doing it yourself.

    Consider carrying out lawn maintenance in Dallas as soon as you have a sharpened blade on your lawnmower. As expected, the mowed grass will turn out beautiful and properly trimmed.

  2. Mow in the mornings but not too early

    Morning-time mowing is encouraged for lawn mowing because at this time of the day, there is less harsh heat from the sun. However, it’s important to avoid mowing too early when the grass is still damp from the overnight dew. Cutting grass in wet conditions can be harmful to the grass.

    Wet grass when cut can cling to and cluster the lawnmower blades reducing its cutting efficiency. Diseases can also spread quite easily in wet conditions when the grass is cut. In addition, Lawn Mowing in Dallas services recommends mowing the lawn during the late morning hours usually from 10 am upwards.

  3. Late evening mowing is a good time to mow the lawn

    At this time of the day, the heat of the sun would have reduced in intensity making it more convenient for the lawn care personnel to carry out mowing.

  4. Use the services of an affordable lawn service like GoMow Lawn Mowing

    GoMow Lawn Care Service, Dallas offers one of the most affordable lawn mowing services you can think of in this part of Texas. Cheap rates, friendly personnel, professional service, and beautiful lawn mowing that will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy consistently.

If affordable lawn care cost is what you’re looking for as you should then GoMow Lawn Care Service, Dallas, TX is the best choice for it.

Next, we are going to discuss the best times to mow the lawn in Dallas, TX. By this, we mean the best times to mow in the different months of the year. When looking to work with a lawn mowing service plan, it’s important to put this times of the month into question.

  • March

    For March, mowing should be done by cutting high only when the grass is dry. This is usually during the late mornings and late afternoons before evening time.

  • April

    April lawn mowing should be done weekly because this is when most lawn grass experiences the most growth. Regular lawn mowing will be needed to keep up with the fast growth.

  • May and June

    In May and June, there’s a need for regular mowing as well to keep the lawn in good shape and healthy. Lawn care services in Dallas like GoMow Lawn Care Service offer consistent and affordable lawn mowing. The grass can be cut lower to match the rapid growth during this time of the year.

  • July and August

    Growth of the lawn is slower at this time which means your lawn mowing costs could be lower due to reduced mowing. If the weather condition is dry, cut the lawn high but if wet, cut low if the grass is growing fast enough.

  • September

    Frequent mowing is a hallmark of September lawn mowing so feel free to mow often. The mowing height can go higher at this time of the year because there is rapid growth which means the grass can cope with frequent mowing.

  • October and November

    Increase the mowing height at this time of the lawn care season. Mowing should be less frequent as the winter season is about to commence which means the lawn grass would become dormant. For best pointers, work closely with a lawn mowing service to get the best results possible.

  • December

    December lawn mowing should feature a high cut to keep the lawn full and thick. Cutting the lawn too low during the cold winter season will do more harm than good. Avoid mowing completely if the soil or lawn is icy or frozen. Grass would usually go dormant during winter so it is usually little or no mowing involved.

Are you looking to get affordable lawn care cost in Dallas? GoMow Lawn Mowing Service offers the best affordable and quality residential lawn mowing you can get this side of Texas.