What Are The Basics Of Lawn Care In Texas?

What Are The Basics Of Lawn Care In Texas?

Considering how hot the temperature can get in Texas, lawn care and maintenance are necessary to keep the lawn in good shape throughout the season. If you believe that lawn care should only be done when the weather is friendly, then you need more knowledge about what lawn care is really about. Lawn care is a never-ending, repetitive process that involves attending to your lawn’s welfare throughout the lawn growing seasons – spring, summer, fall, winter.

Typically, it will involve activities like mowing, watering, weeding, feeding, aeration, edging, and trimming of shrubs, etc. This is why it’s often best to leave lawn care in the hands of lawn care services that are in the business of caring for lawns and landscapes.

In this post, we have discussed in more detail the basics of lawn care in Texas. Read on to learn more about them:

  1. Mowing the right way

    Mowing is one of the most basic lawn care activities for homeowners who have lawns on their property. Mowing helps to keep the grass in check at the right height so there’s no risk of having an overgrown lawn yard. Cut the grass once or twice weekly depending on how fast it grows.

    Only one-third of the grass length should be cut ideally.

    To be able to do this, hire an online lawn care company on a retainer for weekly mowing to keep your grass freshly cut and beautiful. Lawn mowing is as basic as lawn care can get. GoMow Lawn Mowing offers lawn mowing online to web visitors looking to get a quote for their lawn mowing.

  2. Regular watering is necessary

    Lawns need proper hydration to be able to grow well. Watering is a basic lawn care activity that is needed to care for the lawn adequately. Ideally, watering should be done once or twice a week depending on the prevailing weather conditions in the area. Consider installing sprinklers or hiring a service that offers lawn mowing online to handle all your watering needs.

  3. Weeding certainly helps

    Removing unwanted plants from the lawn is a basic aspect of lawn care that you cannot do without. Weeds cause problems on lawns by overrunning the grass when left unchecked.

    Removing them by hand, using weed killers and other herbicidal agents are effective for eliminating weeds from the lawn. If weed removal is a service you need, you might want to schedule a lawn service online for it.

  4. Feeding the lawn

    Like all living things, lawn grass needs feeding to be in optimal health. This feeding involves organic fertilizer application to enrich the grass with essential nutrients like potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen in the right amounts.

    Fertilizer application should be organic as this will help avoid the residues that come from synthetic fertilizers after it fails to break down completely.

    However, care must be taken not to apply fertilizers too much as this can affect the natural balance of the soil.

  5. Aeration is essential

    Aeration helps in loosening compacted soil to improve the diffusion of nutrients, oxygen, and the absorption of water. Aeration is essential lawn care basic that every lawn experiencing foot traffic requires. To aerate the soil, and aeration tool has to be used.

    Simple gardening tools like a pitchfork, spade or shovels, or even hand trowels can also be used to break up compacted soil into clumps of earth. Watering should be done after aeration to soften the loose earth.

  6. Trimming and edging

    Lawn care includes trimming and edging shrubs and small plants dotting your lawn landscape. Shrubs need trimming and edging to keep them in shape to look great on your lawn. Considering the fact that trimming and edging require experience, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a lawn care company in Texas rather than try to do it yourself.

These six basics of lawn care would help grow and maintain your lawn yard in Texas to look and feel great. Lawn care requires continuous effort for it to be fruitful. For best results, we advise hiring a lawn care service to attend to your lawn’s needs.