12 Lawn Care Secrets To Keep Your Yard Looking Good All Year In Leander, TX

12 Lawn Care Secrets To Keep Your Yard Looking Good All Year In Leander, TX

When it comes to lawn care, there are secrets that must be put in place to ensure that the grass grows in optimal health. Failure to follow this lawn care secret means your yard might not look good all year in Leander, TX. Lawn care is a tasking, all-year task with no end in sight. Typically, lawn care will involve simple techniques like cutting the lawn and advanced techniques like over-seeding, mulching, and composting. For lawn owners, there’s a need to know exactly what it takes to keep a good-looking lawn all year round.

Here are 12 lawn care secrets you should know about:

  1. Keep weeds in check

    Weeds if left to grow rampantly will cause harm to your lawn eventually. It’s important to keep it in check by looking out for it right from the onset. Eradicate large weeds by uprooting completely or spraying with topical weed killers. Have your lawn maintenance in Leander, TX introduce pre-emergent weed killer agents before the spring season.

  2. Apply organic fertilizers

    Organic fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which are great for plant growth. Consider applying fertilizer to improve the nutrient content of the soil. Before doing this, consult with a lawn service in Leander, TX, on best practices with regards to applying fertilizers.

  3. Mow regularly

    Once weekly or bi-weekly mowing can make a lot of difference in the life cycle of lawn grass. Mow once a week if the growth rate is high and bi-weekly if the rate of growth is high. Preferably, mowing should be done by industry experts who are proven to be authorities in lawn mowing.

    For instance, GoMow Lawn Mowing, Leander offers one of the best professional mowing experiences you’d find this side of Texas. Get a mowing package that suits your budget so that you can grass can always look in shape.

  4. Water the grass deeply and often

    Regular and deep watering is necessary to keep the lawn hydrated and green. When watering the lawn, water deeply to soak the soil enough by one inch of water. Doing this stimulates the grass to grow deep roots which are necessary to combat drought periods.

    Leander lawn care can be hired to provide watering services to keep the lawn in a properly-hydrated state. In addition, consider installing sprinklers as this will save the time and effort required to water the lawn manually.

    Watering can be done once a week for areas with good rainfall and twice weekly for areas with a high incidence of drought.

  5. Aerate at least once a year

    Soil can become compacted over time especially in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. Aeration helps to eliminate compacted soil. Using an aerator or a pitchfork, break the soil to become loose and free-flowing.

    Aerated soil allows quicker movement of water, nutrients, and air from one part of the soil to the other. Consult with lawn care in Leander for best results when you need aeration services.

  6. Tackle insects

    Insects and their larvae can create havoc on the lawn when left to thrive. Introduce harmless but natural predators that prey on insects that worry lawn grass. Seek counsel from your local lawn service in Leander, TX on how best to go about this to eradicate insects from your lawn. Treated mulch, sprays, and other similar compounds can keep insects off your lawn.

  7. Treat for diseases

    Diseases that affect grass can easily affect the health of your lawn. Inspect the lawn regularly and treat it to be resistant to disease. Preventive measures are often more effective in this regard.

    Hiring an on-site lawn maintenance service in Leander, TX is your best bet to spot and eliminate diseases as they come on.

  8. Eliminate pests

    Pests like rodents can harm your lawn with their burrowing activities in the soil. Rodents e.g. rats, voles, moles, etc also attract predators like snakes which could be dangerous to people living close to your lawn yard.

    Therefore, it’s important to tackle pests as soon as they’re spotted. With proper lawn maintenance in Leander, TX, pests can be made non-existent on your lawn.

  9. Use a mulching mower

    Mulch mowers make it easy to reintroduce grass clippings as organic feedback into the lawn. It works by mulching already mowing grass and releasing it evenly on the lawn as mowing is being done. Mulch mowers will benefit a lawn owner more compared to a regular mower.

  10. Cut at the right height

    There’s an ideal height to mow the lawn for it to grow optimally. Do not scalp the lawn – neither too high nor too low.

    Cut the lawn about one-third the length of the grass blade for best results.

    Mow diagonally to and fro so as to get every bit of grass. Hire GoMow Lawn Mowing, Leander, TX to enjoy professional lawn mowing at its finest.

  11. Keep your lawn care tools in good shape

    Adequate care of lawn care tools by cleaning, oiling movable parts, and storing them in the right conditions can improve their efficiency when being used on the lawn. Keep lawn care tools and equipment in good shape and you’ll be closer to having a beautiful lawn yard all year round.

  12. Hire a lawn care service

    Working with a lawn care service in Texas comes with an advantage. For one, they’re more experienced in caring for lawns, and secondly, they have the time and requirements needed to give your lawn a good treatment.

In fact, the best way to lawn care for and maintain your lawn to look great all year round is by hiring a lawn care service in Leander, TX.

Whether it’s for mowing or other lawn care needs inclusive, consider hiring a Leander lawn care service to handle your lawn. For lawn mowing, GoMow Lawn Care Service is the best choice there is in Leander, TX.

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