Ultimate ways of cutting lawn properly in Austin areas

Ultimate Ways Of Cutting Lawn Properly In Austin Areas

If you can make the practice of lawn mowing a regular one, your lawn grass would be the better for it. As it is, lawn mowing is a must for all lawn owners. Mowing your lawn on a schedule improves the health of the grass, beautifies your yard and gives you a sense of pride in having a lovely, lush lawn. If you are in the Austin area, consider GoMow Lawn maintenance in Austin as your top choice when it comes to lawn mowing services in Austin.

We provide lawn mowing tips, guides, and different cutting services to give your lawn that beautiful lush look that is seen only on a well-maintained lawn. Lawn mowing is an art that is learned from practice and experience. It might seem like a pretty easy task but if you are not used to it, it can be quite tasking.

You may also do it wrong which will end up hurting your lawn even more. However, this won’t happen because we got you covered with the ultimate lawn mowing tips.

As far as cutting your lawn properly in the Austin area is concerned, we have perfected the art of lawn mowing. If you prefer to have a peach-perfect lawn yard whether you are doing it yourself or involving lawn cutting services, the tips provided below will be useful in the Austin area:

  1. You must keep your lawn mower blades sharp

    One of the worst things that could happen to your lawn grass is being cut with a dull mower blade. It tears up the grasses in rips and tufts, damages the grasses beyond quick healing and exposes them to ease of infection from the ragged cuts.

    Unfortunately, many lawn owners don’t even remember that mower blades have to be sharpened. This is understandable to an extent because lawn owners are not usually professional lawn maintenance experts.

    This is one major reason why you need a professional lawn mowing service in Texas to cut your lawn grass. As a professional lawn care service, they are in a better position to ensure their equipment is in order before working on your lawn grass.

    You can check your lawn mower blades for signs of rust, browning of the blades or look at the cut grass while using it to see how they look. If they are all torn up, then that lawn mower blade is most likely blunt and should be sharpened.

    A sharp lawn mower blade gives a clean cut, slicing the grass stems neatly. You will need to sharpen your mower blade at least twice a year to maintain its sharpness. Also, clean it after each use to remove moisture from it which can cause rust off the blades.

    To sharpen your lawn mower blades you can take help of lawn maintenance services near to you or if you can do it by yourself. However, you must be careful to turn it off or remove the spark plug to avoid turning it on accidentally and hurting yourself.

  2. Cut your lawn grass at the right height

    Cutting your lawn grass too low isn’t going to look too good or be very fitting for it for several reasons. Lawn grass cut that is cut too low dehydrate and dry up quickly which might lead to poor growth or even death.

    This is because the lowly-cut grass stems and roots have little to no leafy protection against the sun’s rays and also can’t carry out their photosynthetic activity properly.

    Weeds and insects like ants usually thrive best in dried out, low lawn grass. A filled-out, lush lawn will have little room for a weed to thrive in, it will simply be choked to death from competition from the healthy grasses.

    Therefore, the best height to cut your lawn for optimum growth and development is about one-third of its height during each cutting session.

  3. Apply mow mulching to improve your lawn grass nutrients

    Mow mulching simply concerns either mowing your lawn but leaving the grass clippings on it to decompose naturally and return to the grass or using a mulching mower which mows and mulches the grass as it cuts it.

    Whichever way you go about it, grass clippings are very rich in nutrients and at GoMow Lawn Care; we apply mulch mowing when mowing your grass to enrich properly to be healthy.

    You can start using these tips right away on your lawn if you love mowing your lawn by yourself. Alternatively, you can also contact best lawn mowing service in Austin, if you are unavailable. Click below to get a quick quote.