How to get green and healthy lawn using mowing services in summer

How To Get Green And Healthy Lawn Using Mowing Services In Summer

As a lawn owner, keeping your lawn green and healthy during summer is very important. You wouldn’t want to be odd lawn owner whose lawn is dried up, bare, brown or yellow as the case may be. One way to easily avoid any of these negative effects is by using a professional lawn care service that knows their business.

Generally, summer is lawn care can be tasking so using a mowing service especially in Texas is often advised if you are unavailable or unfit to handle the stress of the work. With the increased heat of the Texan sun, your lawn grass and soil can dry up real quick leading to a sick, yellowed or browned lawn if adequate measures are not taken. The low rainfall during this spell is also a cause for worry so you need extra help to keep things balanced.

In this post, we will be discussing in more detail how to maintain a green and healthy lawn using mowing services like the Go Mow Lawn Care services during summer.

  1. Plant a suitable lawn grass type for your lawn

    There are different lawn grass types in existence and each species fares differently in different time zones. While starting out if you are a new lawn owner or you are simply reseeding, it might be important to consider a lawn grass variety that is suitable for your part of Texas.

    A little research on your part will set things up easily for you making it easy for your lawn mowing service to manage your lawn better regardless of the heat experienced during summer.

  2. Proper mowing procedure

    Simply put, if you really want your lawn looking great during the summer heat, then you have to ensure that any lawn mowing Texas service that you choose knows how to mow properly. Lawn mowing remains a major determinant of how your lawn will look. Poorly mown lawns suffer most during summer because they are exposed to different hazards that affect them negatively.

    The right mowing height which is cutting about one-third of the length of the lawn grass should be adhered to. Cutting any lower will mean unnecessarily exposing the grass to the scorching sun. Overexposure leads to drying up and browning of the lawn.

    In addition, mowing should be done when the sun isn’t high in the sky as the heat can be tough for man and grass. Regular mowing done on a schedule and only when the sun is low is the way to go.

  3. Proper Watering

    When using a mowing service, it is important to consider the need for watering during summer. You have to check if they also offer a watering service. This is because watering is a key factor if you hope to have a green and healthy lawn regardless of the summer season. Rainfall is usually absent and the most certain means your lawn grass can have the needed moisture is by proper watering technique.

    Watering should best be done during mornings before 10 am or evening after 4 pm when the sun’s heat intensity is diminishing. At this period, the grasses will be able to soak up any off water to prepare for the coming heat or use it for their metabolic activities after the day’s heat.

    Most mowing services provide water as part of their services. You can check with your lawn care provider to have a full list of the services offered to know what you need to maintain your lawn in good health.

  4. Fertilizer application and pest control

    Some lawn care providers offer only lawn mowing service while others offer a combination of several different services. To keep your lawn green and healthy, your lawn might need some application of fertilizer or pest control to keep things in check.

    For fertilizers, organic products are mostly advised because they can break down completely and leave no toxins in the soil. Similarly, pest control products should majorly be organic-based unless your lawn is seriously infested by pests and needs a heavy dosage to eradicate them.

    If you need a professional lawn mowing services Texas to provide excellent mowing services to keep your lawn green and healthy, consider Go Mow Lawn Care your best bet any day, any time.