Do You Know? What Are The Best Trees To Plant This Fall And Winter In San Antonio, TX

Do You Know? What Are The Best Trees To Plant This Fall And Winter In San Antonio, TX

Though a lot of people find it hard to believe or even practice, it’s very possible to plant a tree in fall and winter in San Antonio, TX. Of course, planting a tree successfully will depend on the specie of tree and the climate prevalent in that area. Whether you’re using a professional lawn service in San Antonio or prefer DIY lawn maintenance in San Antonio, TX.

Just before embarking on this tree-planting mission in fall or winter, it’s important to know the types of trees that are more likely to take root successfully in these seasons. Factors to consider before making a final decision include knowing the plant hardiness zone or climate of the area. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to choose the right trees that grow easily in your area.

In this post, we have discussed the best trees to plant in the fall and winter in San Antonio, TX.

Elm trees

Elm is a deciduous and semi-deciduous tree type usually found in Asia and North America. They grow upwards of 60 feet and survive in cold regions with a hardiness zone of 4-9. Mature elm trees provide a lot of shade and grow great in modern landscapes. Wet and dry soils are both good for elm trees which means they are good to go in most places. Feel free to grow your elm tree in fall or winter or as you prefer. Your local lawn mowing service in San Antonio can put in a word or two on how to make this a success.

Spruce trees

Spruce trees are great trees for fall and winter season planting. Whether you prefer them planted in groups or singly, Spruce provides good shade, offers wind-breaking, and provides shelterbelts for certain wildlife. If you have spruce on your property, a cheap lawn service in San Antonio can help maintain it with relative ease and minimal cost. Spruce provides natural cover, has hardiness of 2-7, and grows healthily all over North America, especially in the colder regions. Spruce can do well in hot or moist soil and can grow as high as 60 feet with a spread of up to 50 feet on average.

Buckeye tree

Buckeye trees are beautiful, tough trees peculiar to North America and Northern Europe, and Asia. This amazing tree can grow up to 100 feet in height and has a plant hardiness zone of around 4 – 7. The state of Ohio in the US has the Buckeye tree as its official state tree, this isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that the tree is indigenous to the area and a lot of merchants made a fortune selling its fruits back in the day. Lawn care in San Antonio can also offer tree care services to care for trees like the magnificent Buckeye tree.

Hawthorne tree

Another tree that can be quickly planted in fall and winter is the Hawthorne tree known for its beautiful style of growth. Rather than grow massively upwards, the Hawthorne tree grows out wide and maxes out at between 15 to 30 feet in height. It offers an edible fruit that comes with medicinal properties and comes with a plant hardiness zone around 5 – 9.

Crabapple tree

The Crabapple tree is exotic and beautiful thanks to the varied colors it comes in. It produces beautiful flowers when in full bloom and does really well when there’s the regular sun. Its hardiness zone for best results falls between numbers 4 – 8 which means that this tree isn’t a stranger to cold climates. It’s beautiful as its name implies and provides a shade too many small creatures too.

Linden tree

This large tree is a native of the entire Northern Hemisphere ad has about 30 various species which grow great in zones 3 through to 8. The Linden tree can grow as tall as 80 feet with a spread of 50 feet in width. For lawn owners who have a lot of space, planting a Linden tree in fall or winter can really improve the look of their home space.

The Weeping Willow tree

A very popular tree species, the Weeping Willow is as beautiful as it sounds and grows well in areas close to water bodies. This lovely, large tree is often seen growing close to a pond, lake, or river. If you’re looking to plant a Weeping Willow tree, we suggest liaising with an affordable lawn care service in San Antonio with experience in tree planting and care for the best results. Weeping Willows are susceptible to bacterial blight, tar spot fungi, CytoSport, and other fungal disease infections. It has plant hardiness of between 4 and 10 and grows well in moist, partially acidic soil.

Maple tree

The national tree of Canada is one of the best trees that you can plant in fall and winter. The maple tree is tough, and strong, and produces the amazing sap used for making the popular and nutritious maple syrup. Maple tree grows best in cold, northern climates and has a hardiness zone between 5 through to 9. If you’re looking for more than just mowing in San Antonio, planting a tree-like the Maple tree is actually a plus. Feel free to connect with a yard service in San Antonio to get started today.

It’s worth mentioning that the Maple tree is a perfect wood tree for making high-class, premium furniture and wood finishing. This beautiful tree has many valuable use cases and is a top choice for consideration when you’re looking to plant a tree in fall or winter.

Italian Cypress tree

While not as large as other cold-loving trees, the Italian Cypress can grow up to 70 feet tall but has a smaller spread averaging 10-20 feet wide. It has a hardiness zone of 8-10 and takes up to a year to grow from germination to first bloom. Italian Cypress grows well in the Mediterranean region of the world as well as the Northern Hemisphere where it grows 3 feet per year after germination.

Getting started with your tree planting

Lawn yards with trees usually have a more appealing look to them. Trees provide shade, more appeal, a home for birds, and more. Picking the right tree can mean the difference between a well-value property and one with less value. If you’re looking to get help with tree planting and care, we can help with recommendations on where to get started.

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