The One-third Rule – What Is The 1/3 Rule For Lawn Care In Texas?

The One-third Rule – What Is The 1/3 Rule For Lawn Care In Texas?

There’s a general rule in the lawn care industry when it comes to mowing, this rule states that only one-third of the lawn should be mown at any given time. Excessive mowing has been proven to come with several issues for the lawn.

In this post, we have discussed what the 1/3 rule for lawn care in Texas is and how you should go about it when looking to hire a grass-cutting service.

The One-Third Rule

When mowing a lawn yard, it’s important not to cut more than one-third of the height of the grass. To do this successfully, the first step is to set the height of your lawn mower blades. If you’re using a lawn care provider in Texas, ensure that this rule is implemented too.

Truth be told, it’s easy to get carried away with the activity of lawn mowing and you might end up setting the lawn blades too low or cutting off a lot of grass.

Mowing very low eventually weakens the grass, and makes it grow scantily and patchy which can further lead to infestation by weeds and pests.

How Plants Function

Essentially, the leafier your grass is, the better optimum growth it will have. The reason is simple; plants utilize their leaves to attract sunlight which reacts with the chlorophyll in these leaves in a process called photosynthesis. This chemical process creates food for the plants, the higher the rate of photosynthesis, the healthier the plant. CO2 is taken in while oxygen is expelled during this process.

Scalped lawns with little or no vegetation will have trouble undergoing photosynthesis. This is one good reason why mowing too low should be avoided as much as possible. Lawn owners can reduce the chances of poor mowing practices by searching for a grass mowing service near me online to choose from a variety of lawn care services.

Why Mow One-Third?

At GoMow Lawn Care, Texas, we are one of the best lawn mowing services on the internet. A simple search with a keyword like affordable lawn care near me will have us on top of the search results. We believe in professional lawn mowing for all clients.

Therefore, we take the one-third rule of mowing quite seriously. We understand that your lawn needs to be fuller to carry out its metabolic activities perfectly. In addition, when you mow tall, law grass gets to grow deeper roots which help in times of drought.

Taller grass also provides shade for the tender root of the plants while reducing the evaporation of moisture off the soil.

If done right, mowing one-third of the grass will ensure that your grass grows healthily and beautifully with minimal risk of harm from the elements.

More Information on the One-Third Rule

Typically, different species of grass require different mowing heights. While some grasses do best at say 4 inches, others might be best at 2.5 inches. It is therefore important to identify what works best for your lawn and implement it accordingly. As always, the first step is to hire a professional lawn service after picking from a search using a keyword like lawn care services near me.

Check reviews, recommendations, and testimonials to see what others have to say about the lawn care you choose. Different factors can affect the optimal height for cutting grass. As already mentioned, work with lawn mowing experts to avoid making mistakes especially if you lack experience in lawn mowing activities.

Get in touch with us by booking a free quote on our website today. We have the best people who will deliver healthy lawn mowing to keep your grass trim and green consistently.

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