Spring tips for maintaining a beautiful yard in Austin

Spring Tips For Maintaining A Beautiful Yard In Austin

For spring lawn maintenance in Austin, we have outlined tips that will help you maintain a beautiful yard without too much hard work. All you need to do is to follow instructions or rather, let your lawn service provider know what you need so they can get to it without difficulties.

The following spring tips below are effective for new season lawn care:

  1. Treat for pests

    If your lawn has been dormant during the colder months, it’s likely that there will be pests on it. Pests could range from burrowing animals, insects, and even snakes. Yes, that can happen when a lawn yard is left unattended during the winter months. We advise you to call in your lawn care company should you notice the presence of certain pests on your property. Removal of pests could involve the destruction of the organisms, manual removal or transfer, poisoning, or the use of biological agents that prey on the pests.

  2. Apply pre-emergent weed killers

    Weeds affect the health of your grass when it’s allowed to grow alongside it. It does this by competing with it for nutrients, oxygen, and other resources. When left unchecked, weeds will quickly fill up a piece of land and eventually overrun the place by choking off the grass on it. Pre-emergent weed killers ensure that weed seedlings do not even take root on the soil in the first place.

    Springtime is the best time to introduce pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn. Caution must be taken though to avoid abusing these compounds and cause more problems for your lawn. We encourage lawn owners to consult with their local lawn maintenance service before going this route to avoid mistakes.

  3. Apply fertilizers early enough

    For the spring season, fertilizers should be applied from March to early May. Use only organic fertilizers because they’re safer for your lawn in the long term. Synthetic fertilizers do not break down completely and leave toxic residues that can cause harm to people and animals.

    It’s important that you water the grass first before applying fertilizers. Fertilizer granules stick easily to wet grass and get absorbed into the plant vascular system with relative ease.

  4. Mowing should be considered if there’s enough growing grass

    Lawn owners are often doubtful about starting mowing when spring begins. This shouldn’t be the case if you have enough growing grass on the lawn. Mulching should also be considered at this time. Using a mulching mower ensures that your grass clippings are spread evenly on the lawn surface and enriches it after decomposition.

    The recommended mowing height is one-third of the length of the grass blade. If cut any lower, your lawn soil will become exposed to the severe heat from the sun, lose water easily, and become open to invasion by weed seedlings.

  5. Look for dead spots in your grass

    Dead spots are often a result of grubs that feed on the root system of the grass. Hire a lawn maintenance service to tackle grubs and other harm-causing microorganisms that can endanger your lawn grass.

  6. Treat brown patches as soon as you notice them

    Avoid watering brown patches and treat them as soon as you notice them. Usually, brown patches occur from either pests or disease infestation that takes root in your lawn yard. Call in a lawn maintenance service to handle it unless you have experience in these matters.

  7. Prune plants, shrubs, and trees

    As the new mowing season commences, you would want your lawn looking squeaky clean and properly maintained. Spring season is an ideal time to prune and trim your plants, shrubs, and trees to give your landscape a sweet look.

  8. Be consistent in your lawn care efforts

    Consistency is everything as far as lawn care is concerned. Your lawn yard needs regular attention to look beautiful and be healthy. The most guaranteed way to get that is by engaging a professional lawn mowing company in your area to oversee this. If you’re a busy lawn owner, you might want to consider this seriously. It’s always easier and cost-effective to maintain a healthy lawn than to try to revitalize a new one.

    If you’re looking to hire a proven lawn service company in Austin, Texas, GoMow Lawn Mowing, TX is available to give you the best experience always.

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