Best Top Ten Tips For Attract Birds To Your Landscape In Austin, TX

Best Top Ten Tips For Attract Birds To Your Landscape In Austin, TX

Having birds in your landscape is certainly a beautiful sight to behold. If you are someone that loves nature, you’ll definitely enjoy the very sight of the flora and fauna of the earth alive in your lawn yard or garden. Attracting birds to your space isn’t rocket science so if you’re a bird lover or bird watcher, there are ways to draw them in to share your property. These ways are highly recommended by lawn maintenance in Austin, TX, and are proven to work.

In this post, we have discussed the best top ten tips for attracting birds to your landscape in Austin, TX.

  1. Decide on what you want to achieve

    The first step to attracting birds to your landscape is by deciding what you actually want. The result determines how you do and how you go about it. Ask yourself whether you just want birds around or perhaps you want them living on your property.

  2. Pick where you want the birds to be

    Decide where you want the birds to be; this way, it will be easier to control them as you want. Pick an area in your landscape that will be most suitable for birds to be in. A spot with a view from a window is usually great. Consult with your lawn care service in Austin for more recommendations on this.

  3. Use different feeders

    Birds have different preferences so the type of feeder you use can make all the difference. Try out different feeders to see what works best. Examples include tube feeders, hopper feeders, suet feeders, tray feeders, and nectar feeders.

    Each feeder type appeal to a different type of bird based on how the bird feeds in most cases.

    As always, seeking an experienced opinion might be your best shot so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your lawn service in Austin for more informed suggestions.

  4. Position of your feeders

    Try placing the different feeders in different spots to see where attracts birds the most. Position your feeders where they can be viewed with ease. Try different heights and placements to see what works best. Keep away from scavengers like squirrels, hares, and chipmunks.

  5. Build a source of water supply

    A water source will attract birds easily and keep them coming back for more. Birds love cleaning their bodies with water to feel good. Drinking water is also a need they have to satisfy. If you have a natural-looking water source around, birds will get attracted with more ease.

    To get started with your best foot forward, you might want to get more information from experienced lawn care in Austin, TX within that area.

    A bath measuring an inch or 2 would more than do the trick. Fill it with water and change it from time to time to keep it fresh. If you can afford it, a mini-fountain can also be very good as a water source.

  6. Choose a bird food type

    Birds love different foods so it’s important to diversify on what you provide as their food. Stock up on millet, safflower seeds, black-oil seeds and suet cake. If you can provide fruits, fruit seeds, certain bird-edible worms, this will also tempt birds to visit your space. There are many other options of food types you can choose from to make your landscape very inviting for your feathery friends.

  7. Plant vegetation that birds love

    If your landscape or garden is bird-friendly, you will know. This is true because birds usually come around on their own first. Create slightly shaded landscapes with places to perch, eat feed and be out of reach of invaders.

    You can also grow plants that have what birds love. This could be plants that have a lot of seeds and berries, fruit, nuts or even nectar. Plants that provide some form of coverage are also loved by birds, whether it is large trees or medium ones. Feel free to engage your lawn mowing service in Austin if you need more resources on how to do this.

  8. Grow colorful flowers in your landscape

    Birds love flowers and are attracted to bright colors too. If you have colorful blossoms in your lawn yard, birds will visit your space to socialize, relax, eat and sing all day long. Birds are usually attracted to colors that look like their own. For instance, Humming birds love red and pink colors, Goldfinches love yellow colors, Orioles love orange color and Jays and Bluebirds love blue color.

    If you can, find out how your lawn care in Austin can help improve the color scheme of your landscape. Whether it is through landscaping or some clever lawn care technique, a lawn service in Austin, TX can make things possible.

  9. Avoid use products that repels birds

    Some products are not bird-friendly and will keep birds away from your property. Communicate with your lawn mowing service in Austin, TX, if you’re planning to attract birds to your lawn yard in the near future. Certain fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are quite harsh would keep birds away. Some of these products can also eliminate the natural agents that birds prey on.

  10. Create a nesting space

    Birds love where they settle down and have a rest sometimes. If your landscape is designed to have trees, birdhouses, and such structures, birds will be more likely to stay put. A bird-friendly environment will keep birds coming back more than anything else.

    Food, water, shades, colorful designs, nests, etc are all elements of what make your space a haven for beautiful birds to visit or live in.

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