The Benefits of Leaf Compost in Texas

The Benefits Of Leaf Compost In Texas

One of the best ways to care for your lawn yard is by feeding the grass with rich, organic fertilizers in the form of leaf compost which contain the essential nutrients they need. A good source for rich organic fertilizers is through leaf composting but unfortunately, many lawn owners don’t practice this lawn care routine. As much as 8 million tons of leaves are disposed of every year rather than composted to form organic fertilizers.

Decomposing leaves can benefit your lawn yard in many ways and we have discussed these benefits in this post. Leaf compost-making as a lawn care service involves packing your leaves into a heap and allowing it to decompose under oxygen-rich conditions. The resulting material called humus is full of quality nutrients that are great for plants and the soil.

Here are the benefits of leaf composting in Texas:

Leaf compost improves the soil

When leaf compost is introduced into the soil, it improves its nutrient capacity because of the essential elements contained in the compost material. These nutrients enrich the soil and make it better for your grass to grow on. If your own a lawn, consider asking your Texas lawn service to compost your leaves from time to time or at the very least, carry out mulch mowing which is similar.

Leaf compost improves the water retention capacity of your lawn

When there’s rain and/or irrigation through artificial means, the soil holds water which it uses for its needs. Some soils hold water more than others – for instance, sandy soil holds little water while muddy soil holds the most water. Loamy soil is the best of the lot and with composting, it can retain a lot of water for your lawn grass.

Leaf compost reduces evaporation of water from your lawn

The compost thickens the soil texture and reduces the rate at which the sun heats and dries up the water in it. If you apply compost to your lawn regularly, you can be certain that your lawn will not get scorched up easily. It will protect your soil from the sun and also act as an insulator when the weather is cold so the freezing temperatures won’t affect your plant roots.

Leaf compost can help the reduce the incidence of weeds

The compost can restrict the growth of weeds into the lawn. Existing ones will find it hard to compete while new ones won’t be able to germinate. Compost generally favors the lawn plants more than the weeds. The grass in their greater numbers would grow rapidly to choke off any straggling competitors like weeds.

Leaf compost prevents crusting and drying up of your lawn

When the soil dries up from lack of water, it crusts and clumps together. This occurrence can kill your lawn grass if left unattended. The introduction of compost reduces the chances of drying and crusting happening on your soil. Compost will increase your soil’s moisture retaining capacity so it doesn’t dry up even in hot weather.

Leaf compost adds only rich, healthy nutrients to your lawn

Unlike synthetic fertilizers, leaf compost adds purely organic nutrient elements to your soil and grass directly without leaving any harmful, non-degradable residues. Though it breaks down faster than chemical fertilizers, the long term benefits of using it far outweigh the lengthy process of creating compost and applying it regularly. Consider regular composting to improve your soil. For guidance, your lawn care service can assist in providing this service.

Leaf compost saves you money in the long term

Comparatively, leaf compost is cheaper than your typical fertilizer treatment and is cheaper to apply. It saves you money on professional lawn care so you can invest it in other things. When you regularly go for leaf composting, your lawn yard will be the better for it and you would have reduced your lawn maintenance service expenses too.

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of leaf compost, a good number of lawn care services in Texas offer this service. Don’t hesitate to reach us at GoMow Lawn Mowing for all your lawn mowing services.

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