Professional Lawn Care Service Tips In Dallas, TX For 2021 By GoMow: Lawn Mowing, Blowing, Edging, Weed Eating

Professional Lawn Care Service Tips In Dallas, TX For 2021 By GoMow: Lawn Mowing, Blowing, Edging, Weed Eating

For Dallas lawn owners, caring for their lawn is a process that’s on-going throughout the seasons. At this time of the year when summer is finally in full swing, every lawn owner will need to implement these tips. The reason is simple; these tips will give lawn yards their best chances of growing beautiful and healthy.

A healthy, well-maintained lawn will certainly increase the appeal of your home.

Here are some professional lawn care service tips in Dallas, TX.

  1. Don’t stop mowing

    Mowing is a continuous process for every lawn to look great. To stop mowing means your lawn yard will get overrun by both grass and weeds. Professional mowing should be done once or twice weekly depending on how fast your grass grows.

    When lawn mowing, ensure that the mower is set to cut only a third of the grass length. At this height, the cut grass will neither be too low nor too high. If cut too low, weeds and pests can infiltrate the lawn with ease. And when cut too high, the lawn would look unkempt and harbor pests too.

    Mowing should continue even after summer season ends so as to keep your lawn healthy through the rest of the grass cycle months.

  2. Watering should be taken seriously

    Lawns like all plants need adequate water to grow and look healthy. Watering is a lawn care tip that must be taken seriously at all times. Depending on the needs of your lawn, water deeply once or twice a week to keep your grass hydrated.

    An installed water sprinkler will save you time, effort and even money to keep your grass properly-hydrated. Some sprinklers with automatic timers will water your lawn at set schedules in the mornings or night. These times of the day have less heat from the sun so evaporation is low and the grass can absorb more fluid.

  3. Eradicate weeds from the lawn

    Tackling weeds is a mandatory aspect of lawn care that your lawn needs. Remove weeds from your lawn using any number of methods like manual removal by hand and application of weed killers, e.g. pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, etc. Lawn grass can also be tended to grow close together and full so they can naturally fight off weeds by choking them to death.

  4. Enrich and fortify with fertilizers

    An effective lawn care tip to keep your lawn in good shape is to ensure that a mulch-mower is used when mowing. Grass clippings area a rich source of organic fertilizers and would naturally enrich your lawn with ease. Mulching will help in converting any already-cut grass to useful natural fertilizer.

    In addition to doing this, consult with your lawn mowing service in Dallas, TX to identify a fertilizer type that would work best in your area. You might need either a cool or warm weather fertilizer type so it’s best to consult with lawn care experts to know what’s best for your lawn.

  5. Aerate the soil for improved permeability of resources

    With summer in full swing, it’s quite easy for your lawn to experience a lot of foot and vehicle traffic which can lead to a compacted soil. When the soil is compacted, there is less permeability of nutrients through it. This compacted nature means that water, fertilizer, air, etc will be unable to move around and through the soil.

    To combat this, hire a lawn care service that offers an aeration to break up your lawn soil by using an aerator. For small lawns, a pitch fork or garden shovel might be enough to do the job. For larger lawns, a mechanical aerator is used to create and pull plugs of soil to increase permeability.

    If you need a lush, healthy lawn in Dallas, TX in 2021, the first step to get started is by hiring a professional lawn service company. The second and final step is to ensure that they carry out these lawn care tips as required to keep your lawn neat and green.

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