Mowing Services Dallas – Is it essential to remove clippings?

Mowing Services Dallas – Is It Essential To Remove Clippings?

As far as lawn mowing in Dallas is concerned, it is quite important to decide on what to do with the cut grass clippings. For one, these grass clippings can serve as a source of organic fertilizer when left on the grass after mowing.

In fact, it is the most recommended way to take care of grass clippings for any Dallas lawn care service. Usually, when mowing, it is advisable not to mow more than one-third of the grass height to avoid causing problems for the lawn.

These problems include over-exposure of the grass to the elements when it is cut too low and giving easy access to weed infestation from the extra spaces.

In this post, we have discussed the benefits of both leaving grass clippings and that of removing it from your lawn yard.

Benefits of Leaving Grass Clippings on Your Lawn

1.) When left on the grass lawn after mowing, the grass clippings decompose easily and returns nutrients into the soil improving it for sustained plant growth and development. It is a known fact that grass clippings improve the quality of your soil through the nitrogen enrichment that comes from the decomposition of grass.

Nitrogen is an essential element of plant growth and development and grass clippings contain up to 4% Nitrogen which is sufficient to provide 25% of your grass’ Nitrogen needs annually.

2.) Leaving grass clippings on the lawn yard saves the time and energy that could be spent packing and removing wastes after mowing. It saves you time, energy and extra work which can be said to be unnecessary especially for busy lawn owners who are not using a GoMow lawn care service in Dallas and barely have time to maintain their lawn.

3.) Leaving grass clippings means your grass does not need clippings from a different lawn yard which may lead to the danger of contamination or disease infestation as the case may be. Your grass clippings will serve as enough organic fertilizer to add nutrients to your lawn.

4.) Retaining your grass clippings is an environmental-friendly way to take care of your lawn yard without causing any problems through waste disposal. By leaving your grass clippings on your lawn, you reduce the chances of having your lawn grass clippings disposed off at the wrong place. An instance of a wrong place could be water bodies or prohibited areas.

5.) Grass clippings when left on the lawn reduces the effect of dehydration due to extremely-cut lawn grass which can be the case after mowing isn’t done right. Grass clippings can serve as a form of insulator against the sun’s intense heat, especially during summer.

Reasons to remove Grass Clippings

Sometimes it is very necessary to remove your grass clippings rather than leave them. Below are some reasons to remove your grass clippings from your lawn after mowing whether you are doing it yourself or using a lawn maintenance service in Dallas:

1.) It is important to remove grass clippings if your grass is over-grown with long stems. Bushy lawn grass when cut can easily form thatch which blocks out sunlight and nutrient movement compared to short or medium height grasses. Regular mowing reduces the chances of your lawn grass growing long, bushy and possibly turning into thatch when cut and left on the lawn.

2.) You might consider removing grass clippings when you need to create compost. To do this, you might need to read up a guide on composting to get started. Generally, using your grass clippings to form compost will involve raking and bagging them all up.

Next, the grass clippings can be mixed up with other organic matter like food wastes, dead leaves, tree barks and stems etc to improve its consistency and enrich it further with the necessary raw materials. The mixture should be moistened and left for at least 2 weeks or till it completely breaks down to damp, rich, crumbly dirt.

3.) Removing grass clippings could also be considered on special occasions when there is a need to keep the lawn grass clean and green. Special occasions could be weddings, parties, funerals or some other event where it is necessary to mow the lawn grass and remove the grass clippings too.


Removing or leaving grass clippings on the lawn depends on the objective of the lawn owner. For improved growth and development of the lawn, it is best to leave your cut grass clippings on it. For beautification purposes, removing grass clippings might be a better option.

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