Lawn Care Practices for fall season in Austin

Lawn Care Practices For Fall Season In Austin

With summer coming to a gradual end, this is the ideal time to prepare your lawn for fall lawn care in Austin. It’s great to start the year with effective lawn care tips but ending it on the same note is paramount to the health of your lawn. We have covered the different fall lawn care practices you can count on to get a head start in winter and spring the following year.

Why wait until the last hour to get started with your end of year lawn care routine when you can hire a lawn care service in Austin to begin implementing these practices right away.

Hire a lawn service in Austin to carry out an inspection on your lawn and test the soil too.

After summer’s heat, an inspection in fall will help you take stock to know exactly what’s happening in your lawn. Factors like nutrient content, organic content, and soil PH are some of what will be checked on and treated.

If done correctly and on time, your lawn yard would have stabilized and become ready for spring the next year.

Feed your grass in preparation for cold season

Lawn grass needs replenishment after the heat and dormancy of summer. Consider applying a high nitrogen fertilizer about 6 weeks before the first drop of snow. Depending on your grass type, its energy reserves and resilience would have recovered during this feeding period in readiness of fall and winter.

The fertilizer application process should only be done by an experienced lawn maintenance service in Austin with a good reputation for yard services.

Over-seed thinning areas of the lawn to strengthen it for winter.

Fall is a great time to over-seed the lawn in cold weather, especially when you’ve noticed sparse growth on some parts of it. The best grass type to go for is dependent on your geographical area. Use cool-season seedlings of the same type on your lawn if you’re in the North and warm weather grass seedlings if you’re in the Southern axis. To avoid making unnecessary errors, work with a recommended lawn maintenance service in Austin for best results.

Work on and repair damaged areas of the lawn

While over-seeding is important, lawn repair is also a necessary practice to include in fall lawn preparation. This is where soil inspection plays a huge role by providing the needed information on what’s wrong and what needs to be done.

All lawn repair jobs should be handled according to the relevant issues detected. As a lawn owner, it’s crucial to check the work done by any lawn care service working on the lawn.

Consider dethatching your lawn in Fall

Thatch is the leftover residue from cut grass; this tissue is usually dry and forms a layer between the grass and lawn soil. When light, it serves as an insulator for the soil, but when it accumulates, it can become an obstruction against sunlight, water, nutrients and impedes the growth of the grass.

Dethatching should be done during summer to create room for the grass to settle for spring the next year. This practice can be done with a rake or powered dethatching machines. Only dethatch when your lawn yard looks like it needs one.

Aerate the soil if it looks compacted.

Aeration is a necessary step for lawns that have witnessed a lot of traffic during summer. It helps in breaking earth clumps and leaving the soil loose enough to encourage metabolic activities. Lawn Aeration can be done with several tools ranging from rakes, shovels, garden forks, and powered aeration machines. Hire a lawn care service to handle your aeration if you have a large lawn yard.

Continue watering the soil evenly

Watering should continue while preparing the soil for the fall season. For cool weather grass, consider watering once every 10 -14 days and for warm weather grass, once weekly should be enough in addition to rainfall.

An inch of rainfall on the lawn during this period is adequate for the grass to settle in. Watering can be done from a hose, a watering can or installed sprinklers on the lawn. For best results, however, consult an GoMow lawn care services in your area.

Don’t stop mowing the lawn

Mowing should remain consistent even in the fall season. Cut the grass to the recommended height and ensure the right mowing rules are adhered to. You might also consider mowing low enough to discourage fungal growth on the grass as the season becomes colder. GoMow lawn mowing service Austin offers a cheap but excellent mowing service for lawn owners in Texas.

Eradicate weeds completely

Allowing weeds on the lawn yard is an absolute no. Weeds compete against your grass for food, sunlight, space, and water. They can be quite resilient, which means handling them requires being thorough.

Consider pulling out the weeds from the roots and burning or bagging them if they’re a few or apply a spot treatment using topical herbicides. If possible use an organic recommendation from a lawn maintenance service in your area.

Keep the lawn clean and free of dead leaves and other debris

Dead leaves and debris when compiled on the lawn might suffocate your grass and kill it eventually. Not only will it suffocate the grass, it blocks sunlight and can attract disease organisms and pest that can cause problems for the lawn.

Mulch smaller packs of leaves and bag large heaps of them for composting. GoMow Lawn Mowing does an amazing job of lawn mowing and keeping your lawn free of dirt and dead leaves. Contact GoMow Lawn Care Services Texas for lawn maintenance to keep your lawn neat and clean.