Why aerate your lawn this fall season in Texas

Why Aerate Your Lawn This Fall Season In Texas

As a lawn owner in Carrollton, there are different lawn care practices you must consider mandatory if you want the best for your lawn. It is not enough to mow, fertilize and water your lawn, aeration must be considered especially if it’s fall season.

After summer, it is expected that the soil on your lawn yard could become compacted from all the traffic on it earlier in the year. If your lawn is left this way, it will experience the poor gaseous movement of raw materials needed for its living metabolism.

Compacted soil allows very little nutrients, oxygen, and even water to pass through for your grass to use. The way out of this is by loosening your topsoil in a process known as Aeration. It can be done using your pitchfork or gardening fork if you have a small lawn.

For large lawn yards, you may have to find a lawn care services in Texas to help out with the aeration process. In this post, we have discussed the reasons why you should aerate your lawn yard at least once a year.

  1. It leads to vastly improved roots

    Aeration reduces the compaction of the soil making it loose and easy for your grassroots to grow deeply into the soil. Compacted soil makes this difficult as your lawn grass will develop short roots that can’t penetrate the earth properly to absorb nutrients.

    Deeply developed roots lead to tough lawn grass that can withstand attacks from man and nature. Should you suspect that your lawn grass is growing poorly even after you have carried out other lawn care services on it, the compacted soil could be the problem. You may not be able to find this out on your own without a professional lawn care service inspecting your lawn.

    You can pick GoMow Weekly Lawn Care Services to handle this for you without having to stress yourself doing it.

  2. Reduces the formation of thatch and debris on your lawn

    Aeration helps reduce the formation of thatch and other organic debris that can clog the top surface layer of your soil, preventing sunlight from reaching the grass leaves. Without enough sunlight, the grasses can’t perform their photosynthetic functions efficiently which will eventually lead to poor growth and development of the lawn.

    Thatch and debris collect easily on the lawn during summer which means fall is a time to do some work to relieve your lawn yard of stress factors like soil compaction and obstructive thatch.

    In worse cases, thatch has been known to cause death to lawn grasses because of little or no sunlight reaching the grasses.

  3. Improves the health of your lawn grass

    Aeration is best done during fall to relieve your soil from compaction and thatch that is accumulated during summer and prepare it for winter and subsequently spring season. Ideally, aeration should not be carried out on overly-stressed out lawn yards.

    Aerated lawns make it easier for your grass to have access to nutrients and water which are essential for healthy growth. Many lawn owners are not aware of the importance of this aeration to their lawn and completely skip it until things get out of hand.

    When picking a Carrollton lawn care service, it is important to ask if aeration is one of the services they offer so you won’t have to call in a completely different service when there is a need for it.

  4. Fall lawn aeration reduces weed development on your lawn

    Aeration during fall helps your lawn grass to grow better with more room in the soil. Your grassroots increase their reach and the grass stems and leaves grow thickly and full to cut off or choke evading weeds.

    Usually, weeds only have a chance to grow in your lawn yard when there is room for competition. Healthily, growing lawn will not allow such weeds take roots which is why you need to aerate during fall to reinforce this.

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