Fall Lawn Care Maintenance – Special tasks that are essential for beautiful lawn

Fall Lawn Care Maintenance – Special Tasks That Are Essential For Beautiful Lawn

Lawncare maintenance though basically the same during each season still requires slightly different practices. The exact type of lawn care you would give your lawn during winter is slightly different from that of spring.

Whether you are a current or potential lawn owner, keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy should be given top priority every season of the year. In this post, we have discussed some of the special tasks that are essential for a beautiful lawn during the fall season.

  1. Plan a special fall lawn care schedule Texas

    A planned fall lawn care schedule helps you stay focused on the different tasks your lawn needs. You are less likely to forget that you have to mow your lawn on a specific day than if you didn’t have a planned schedule for it.

    “Don’t forget to rake, bag and dispose of all organic wastes if you are not mulching or making compost.”

    Missing a lawn care task isn’t exactly the best way to care for your lawn. Even busy individuals can still provide great care for their lawn by working with professional lawn caregivers like GoMow lawn care services.

  2. Mow, bag, rake and keep your lawn clean of debris

    One of the most important aspects of lawn care during fall is regularly mowing your lawn. This task should be done once a week either by yourself or subscribing lawn mowing service near you.

    Lawn care during fall means you have to look out more for fallen leaves which can make a good mess of your lawn if not raked. To keep your lawn looking beautiful, mowing should be done every week while the lawn itself should be raked and cleaned using the same fall lawn care schedule.

    “Leaving mown grasses on your lawn in heaps can be unhealthy even though organic and nutritive in less quantity.”

    Fallen leaves, trash, and other debris should be removed from the lawn grass too. Some of these foreign items can be toxic not just to your lawn grass but to you as well. Your do-it-yourself fall lawn care strategy should include regular raking, bagging, and removal of such wastes.

  3. Aerate the soil in preparation for Fall

    After the blooming of spring and the heat of summer, your lawn needs a break and needs the most help it can get. Consider aerating your soil to loosen it up especially if there has been a lot of human activity on your lawn yard.

    Packing heavy items like cars, machinery etc and a lot of foot traffic on a lawn can affect how beautiful it looks after summer. Aeration loosens the compacted soil making it possible for air and nutrients to permeate and pass through with ease.

    You can aerate your soil by yourself by using a pitchfork, a manual aerator or a mechanized one. However, for better efficiency, you can engage a lawn care service that offers a special fall Lawn care service to improve the beauty of your lawn.

  4. Fertilize the lawn during fall in preparation for the next season

    With summer over and your lawn grass breathing a sigh of relief, a bit of fertilizer application will go a long way in maintaining the beauty of your lawn grass.

    It is expected that your lawn grass would have used up a good amount of nutrients and minerals during the heat of summer. Applying rich, organic fall lawn fertilizers will replenish your lawn grass with the essential nutrients it needs to get ready for the next season.

    If in doubt about how exactly to do this, you can consult with GoMow Lawn Care Services for the best fall lawn fertilizers available.

  5. Reseed your lawn during Fall to make more beautiful for Winter

    Reseeding is necessary during fall to keep your lawn beautiful and ready for the cold winter season. After summer heat, your lawn might not be in the perfect state to go through fall and into winter without preparation.

    It is common to notice uneven growth or bald spots in some areas on your lawn yard. Reseeding takes care of this anomaly by making your lawn grass grow fuller and thicker. A clean, well-maintained lawn yard is usually green, lush and full with no bald spots on it.

    When next you see that full, thickly-growing, beautiful lawn, think of reseeding!

  6. Proper watering practice

    Your fall lawn care maintenance plans should include proper watering to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. Watering can be done using a manual sprinkler or mechanized one either by yourself or by hiring lawn service providers as your budget allows.

At a low cost, GoMow Lawn Care Services can water your lawn for you regularly to keep it hydrated, beautiful and healthy!

Get in touch with GoMow Lawn Mowing, Texas to get free quotes for lawn care and maintenance this fall!