How To Get Rid Of Armyworms In The Yard At San Antonio, TX

How To Get Rid Of Armyworms In The Yard At San Antonio, TX

Armyworms are known to be harbingers of lawn destruction and if left unattended can lay waste to your lawn and vegetation. As their name implies, armyworms are drab-colored worms that attack vegetation in their thousands just like an army would. As soon as they’re spotted, it’s critical to get the attention of your yard maintenance service to attend to them.

Native to hot, tropical parts of South and North America, armyworms are usually their most active during the spring to summer parts of the season. Armyworms have different species and several reasons have caused them to thrive longer than they should have whenever there is an infestation. A lack of natural predators that feed on them and poor yard care is the most prevalent cause of their massive infestations.

In fact, the fall armyworm is known to be the hardest hitter and can literarily destroy a lawn yard within a couple of days. However, grass type plays a serious role in armyworm infestation, elimination, and recovery. Cool-season grasses are often completely destroyed by armyworm infestations while warm-season grasses are more impervious to its effects.

To control armyworms, preventative measures must be implemented first to start with. If you can detect the armyworms early then there’s a good chance of taking them out with minimal damage. We suggest working closely with a yard company with experience in eradicating pests if you’re having an armyworm infestation.

Further down in this article, we have discussed practical steps to get rid of armyworms in the yard in San Antonio, TX.

There are several ways to eliminate armyworms or keep them away from your lawn. Timing is of great importance as your eradication efforts need to be targeted at the period when their populations are in the larval stage.

  1. Inspect your lawn often and take action as soon as you notice the presence of armyworms on your lawn. Weekly inspections done multiple times can help spot when something is different on your lawn.
  2. Clear out thatch and other obstructive items where armyworms can hideout. Dethatching comes into good use in this aspect. Yard service in San Antonio often includes cleaning the lawn and keeping it free of thatch for better home appeal and lawn health.
  3. If you’re looking to lay sod on your lawn soil, proper inspection should be done to be certain that there aren’t any armyworms present. The truth is, a bit of care goes a long way to keep pests like armyworms at bay if that’s the plan.
  4. Pick off armyworms by hand as soon as you notice them. If there are just a few on your lawn, handpicking and destroying them can be very effective. Delegate this activity to a yard company or DIY.
  5. For more serious cases, the use of an insecticide might be the best way to go. Different insecticides work against heavy infestations of armyworms. However, insecticides are often chemical compounds that require professional experience to use them. Search for ‘yard maintenance services near me’ to locate the best options who can use insecticides to kill off armyworms. Just before introducing insecticides, it’s a good idea to mow the lawn and irrigate it to drive armyworms up from their hiding places for easy eradication.

Armyworm infestation can be unsightly and make an unpleasant experience. The damage done can also be difficult to restore. However, early detection and proper care by an experienced yard care service can make all the difference. Your lawn can remain healthy, lush, and green despite any armyworm problems as long as it’s tacked the right way.

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