How Do I Make My Lawn Green And Healthy In Allen, TX? Best Lawn Care Schedule With GoMow Lawn Care Service In Allen.

How Do I Make My Lawn Green And Healthy In Allen, TX? Best Lawn Care Schedule With GoMow Lawn Care Service In Allen.

For most lawn owners in Allen, TX, the ideal standard is a gorgeous and healthy lawn yard. However, this desire for a rich, green expanse of greenery is not so easy to come. This has led residential lawn owners to seek the best ways to make their lawn grass green and healthy in Allen, TX. Feel free to search for the next day lawn care services you need using – lawn mowing online as a keyword.

In this post, we have discussed several ways to make your lawn green and healthy using the best lawn care schedule with GoMow Lawn Care Service in Allen, TX.

Read on below to learn more right away:

Know your grass type

To give your grass the best chances of looking great, you have to know the type of grass species you have on it. It could either be a cool season grass or a warm season grass. The type of grass it is will determine the needs it will have some grasses require more mowing than others. These differences are important can affect how lovely and green your grass will be in the long run.

Concerning mowing correctly, the industry standard is to cut only one-third of the length of the grass during each mowing session. Have your lawn care service adjust your lawn mower blades on your mower to cut at the right height. Scalping your grass is something you want to avoid completely so it’s important not to cut too low.

Mow right to keep your lawn healthy

As already mentioned, mowing your grass to the right height depends on the type of grass on your lawn. Your lawn mowing service of choice will help you identify the species of grass you have to avoid unnecessary errors. Cool season grasses are usually found in the Northern states. Species of grass in this category prefer shade and cooler temperatures.

Examples include: Tall Fescues, Fine Fescues, Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Ryegrass.

On the other hand, Warm Season grasses as their name implies prefer warm season grasses and are tough as nails. Species of grass in this category can withstand heat and foot traffic more than cool season grasses. Some examples include: Zoysia Grass, Bermuda grass, St Augustine, Bahia Grass

Regardless of the type of grass you have on your lawn, it’s important to have your preferred lawn mowing service in Allen, TX to handle your mowing. Thanks to their experience, they would know the exact height to cut your grass for it to keep growing optimally. GoMow Lawn Care Service Allen, TX offers one of the best mowing services in Allen, TX.

Fertilizer application

Consult with GoMow Lawn Maintenance, Allen, TX on the best ways and time to introduce fertilizer to your lawn. Fertilizers will enrich and fortify your lawn to withstand drought, insects and generally grow better. Only consider fertilizer application if it’s been proven that your lawn actually needs it. This is one of those lawn care practices where you need an expert to handle it to avoid errors. The right fertilizer should be used, in the right quantity and spread evenly on prepared wet soil for maximum effect.

Reseeding bare or patchy spots on the lawn

If you’re looking to make your lawn green and healthy in Allen, then reseeding is a practice that must not be over-looked. Bare or patchy lawns are not a beautiful sight to behold as the look of it detracts from its beauty. The solution is to plant new seeds through re-seeding. You can do this yourself if you have enough knowledge on how it’s done. For best results as we always advise, get recommendations from a professional lawn mowing company like GoMow Lawn Care, Allen, TX on how to reseed your lawn.

Basically, re-seeding will involve:

  • Grass seedlings
  • Using the right amount
  • Evenly spread on the affected area
  • Introduce water regularly without flooding

Watering must be consistent

Without adequate watering, these tips will not have the full effect as expected. Watering must be done and done right to give the lawn its best chance of growing and looking green and healthy in Allen, TX. Your lawn requires about an inch of water every week.

To check for water level, place small empty cans on your lawn before watering to determine how full they get and subsequently know how much water your grass is getting. Ideally, the cans should be full at the end of one hour watering session via a sprinkler.

Watering is best done early in the morning between the hours of 4 am and 9 am, just before the sun heats up the earth.

Feel free to contact us at GoMow Lawn Mowing Allen, TX for all your lawn mowing needs in Allen, TX. Visit to get a free quote today.

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