10 Things To Know About Lawn Mowing Service In Irving, TX From GoMow Lawn Care Service

10 Things To Know About Lawn Mowing Service In Irving, TX From GoMow Lawn Care Service

If you are an Irving lawn owner, this post will show you 10 things you need to know about lawn mowing service in Irving, TX from GoMow Lawn Care. Perhaps, you are looking to get started with lawn mowing, or you want a fresh perspective for your lawn maintenance in Irving, TX, read this post to learn more.

  1. Keep your lawn well-maintained

    The first thing to do is to keep your lawn in good shape by taking care of it. There are several lawn care tips you can put in place for this. When you maintain your lawn, it becomes easier to care for and groom. For busy owners, consider hiring an Irving lawn service to take care of it.

  2. Cutting only one-third of the grass

    Try as much as possible to ensure that your lawn mowing service in Irving follows the industry standard of mowing by cutting only one-third of the length of your grass. It might be hard to follow but consistency is key. Cut once or twice weekly to keep your grass in check.

  3. Mowing pattern

    Mowing in the same pattern can hurt your lawn grass in the long run. It’s advisable to alternate the mowing pattern as much as you can.

    Hire a lawn mowing service in Irving, TX to switch up their mowing patterns. Compaction and scorched earth are common problems with regards to this.

  4. Only mow when it’s dry

    Avoid having your lawn mowed in wet conditions. It hurts the grass more than necessary and slows down the cutting action. In fact, grass clippings can stick to the blades and dulls them.

    As grass piles up, it can slow the cutting mechanism leading to tears rather than cut. Cut grass stems are more susceptible to diseases when there’s a lot of moisture. We expect your lawn mowing service in Irving to know this and act accordingly.

  5. Mulch your clippings or bag and dispose of them

    An effective way for disposing of cut grass clippings is to mulch and reintroduce them as organic fertilizer or simply bag and dispose of. For instance, a mulch-mower will leave the cut grass clippings evenly on the lawn surface to decompose. If you prefer bagging, simply fill into a bag and carry them away. Whatever you decide to do, be certain that it’s something that works.

  6. Plant the right species

    There are different species of grasses – while some are cool weather season grass, others are hot weather grasses. It’s important to grow cool weather only for cool weather and hot weather species for hot weather.

    To avoid doubts, speak with a local lawn care service in Irving, TX on behalf.

  7. Give it time

    If you wish to have that lawn yard that everyone will envy, then you have to give it time. Hire professionals who are good at cutting the lawn. There are many solid lawn mowing services in Irving, TX.

    GoMow Lawn Care Service, TX offers one of these effective services to give your lawn the best chances of healthy growth.

  8. Consider edging your lawn

    Edging gives your lawn the perfect fit to look great. Consider edging your lawn always to give it definition. If this service is what you need, you will definitely find it when you make inquiries from your lawn mowing company in Irving, TX.

    Edging keeps your grass in check around your driveways, walkways, fences and curbs, etc. For best results, get a professional Irving lawn care service to handle this as it requires experienced hands.

  9. Remove dead grass and thatch

    Dead grasses and thatch will clog up your lawn surface causing a lack of air for the grasses and obstruction for the mower blades. Remove thatch and dead grass to improve the look of your lawn and make mowing a less stressful activity for your lawn mowing service in Irving, TX.

  10. Mow only as required

    While some grasses require bi-weekly mowing, others only need to be mowed once a week to keep them in good shape. Find out what’s best for your lawn and implement this to get your lawn yard in the best shape possible.

Too much mowing can be bad as it scalps your lawn leaving it exposed to the sun, insects and pests. Mowing less is not great either as it can turn your lawn into a home for pests like snakes, rats, moles, etc. Moderation is key so put in some work to find out what works best for your lawn yard.

GoMow Lawn Mowing, Irving offers a professional lawn mowing service in Irving, TX that will leave you satisfied and proud as a lawn owner.

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