How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Residential Lawn In Garland, TX?

How Can I Improve The Quality Of My Residential Lawn In Garland, TX?

It goes without saying that as a lawn owner, you’d need to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful to get the best out of it. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to hire a Garland lawn care to take proper care of your lawn yard.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your residential lawn in Garland, TX, and keep it in good shape all year round, you’d find this a good read.

In this post, we have discussed how to improve the quality of your residential lawn in Garland, TX.

  1. Soil treatment

    A good number of residential lawn owners don’t even remember soil treatment with regards to lawn care in Garland, TX, and indeed other locations. Your soil’s pH can make or mar the performance of that soil.

    Ideally, good soil should be between 6.5 and 7.0 which is slightly acidic but gives the best results.

    Testing the soil can be done with a simple pH test kit after which you can get a lawn care service in Garland, TX to begin the soil enrichment process if it’s nutrient deficient.

    Soil should be checked and treated for pH, nutrient content, density, and texture. The best soil types to grow lawn grass usually have a good mix of clay, silt, and sand in the right proportions. Aeration of the soil to avoid compaction should also be considered as part of soil treatment.

    To further treat the soil, organic matter enrichment should be taken seriously. The use of only organic fertilizers, mulching, and reintroducing grass clippings into the lawn are some of the ways to treat the soil to improve its nutrient content too.

  2. Pick an indigenous grass species

    The best grass type to grow on your lawn yard is often one that is local to your area. Depending on your climate, there are two options of grasses to pick from. These could be cold season and warm-season grass.

    Confirm from residential lawn care in Garland on recommendations for grass species to choose from. Different grass species have different attributes – some require less water, less nutrient, less shade and are drought-resistant than others and vice versa.

  3. Mow at the right regularly

    Perhaps regular mowing is the most basic aspect of lawn care to be considered for your lawn to grow in good health and form. For Garland residents, mowing should ideally be done by a professional lawn service offering lawn mowing in Garland, TX.

    They have the experience and know-how to do it right with little room for errors. The industry rule when it comes to lawn mowing says that it’s best to cut only one-third of the grass during each mowing session. Scalping or cutting too low will only end up hurting the grass over time.

    Mowing should be done once or twice every week for best results. GoMow lawn care service, Garland provides an affordable but quality mowing service that can improve the quality of your residential lawn in Garland, TX.

  4. Deep but infrequent watering improves the lawn

    Deep watering helps the lawn to develop deep roots which can make the grass tougher and more resistant to drought. Water the lawn to soak the soil enough to fill up a small cup or can of water. An inch of water above the lawn after watering is considered deep watering which can soak through to keep the lawn hydrated.

    Watering the lawn is best done in the early hours of the day, usually early morning so there will be less evaporation and discomfort from mowing under the hot sun. Depending on the climatic condition, watering should be done once or twice a week.

  5. Over-seed the lawn

    Grass lawns can become patchy and sparse over time. Over-seeding which involves the introduction of grass seedlings into the lawn to fill up patchy areas is the solution for this problem.

    Overseeding is done using grass seedlings of the same species to encourage uniformity and avoid problems. Implement over-seeding in late spring to mid-summer for warm climates and spring to fall for cold season grasses.

    To over-seed the right way, you may want to leave this activity in the hands of experienced Garland lawn service. By going through this option, you get to avoid mistakes that can prove expensive.

  6. Eliminate build-up of thatch

    Thatch can cause a lot of problems for your lawn if left unattended. Thatch forms from a mix of organic matter including grass clippings, roots, and threads from grass, etc. When left to build upon the lawn, thatch can reduce the movement of water, nutrients, air, and microorganisms in the soil and on the lawn.

    A dethatcher or rake can be used to remove thatch very quickly from the lawn. De-thatching should be one of the services that every lawn owner enjoys from their Garland lawn care if needed. In addition, absolutely care must be taken not to over-use a dethatcher, as it can cause a lot of space in the grass which can become a welcome ground for weeds to infiltrate from.

  7. Inspect the lawn often for weeds and pests

    By regularly inspecting your lawn, it will be easier to tell when something is amiss. Pest and weed infestation can be tackled more effectively if detected early enough. Hire a lawn care service in Garland to check for weeds, burrowing animals, and insects that cause problems on the lawn.

Each species of weed or type of pest is different so the same solutions might not work across the board. To eradicate this problem, consult with your local lawn care company in Garland, TX for assistance.

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