How To Get A Perfect Lawn In San Antonio! Everything You Need To Know.

How To Get A Perfect Lawn In San Antonio! Everything You Need To Know.

Keeping a lawn in good shape is ideal for every homeowner whose property has a lawn. However, it’s a tricky business that’s best left to San Antonio lawn mowing services for best results. If you’re looking to get a perfect lawn in San Antonio, we have discussed in detail everything you need to know to make it a reality.

  1. Keep your mower blades sharp

    It’s important to sharpen your mower blades so that mowing the lawn is neat and smooth. When a mower blade is dull, it rips the grass blades rather than cut cleanly, causing more damage. Sharpening mower blades should be done once a year to make lawn mowing easy. To keep your blades sharp, visit a grass-cutting San Antonio service in TX for assistance.

  2. Don’t scalp the lawn

    Mowing the lawn too low is called scalping and can cause problems for it. When you cut the lawn too low or scalp it, there’s a greater tendency that it gets invaded by weeds, pests, or get burned by the sun due to the spaces left from scalping. Cut only one-third of the lawn at each mowing session to keep it growing healthy.

  3. Install a sprinkler system

    Lawns need water to remain properly hydrated even during the hot parts of the season. Get in touch with services offering lawn maintenance in San Antonio, TX to install a sprinkler system on your lawn.

    Most San Antonio grass does great with 1 – 1.5 inches of water each week.

    Some lawns might require twice-weekly watering but care must be taken not to flood the lawn yard. Water deeply but less often to allow the grass to develop longer, stronger roots which make it healthier overall.

  4. Recycle grass clippings as much

    Rather than bag the cut grass, recycling grass clippings as much help in rejuvenating the lawn after mowing. Grass clippings will decompose completely to add back organic nutrients to the lawn. Recycling can be done manually by hand or with a mulch-mower which makes the work easier and effective.

  5. Introduce fertilizers if necessary

    The right fertilizer can set your lawn right.

    Fertilizer can be done about 3 – 4 times in a year only when required, however.

    Before using a fertilizer type, ensure that it’s suitable for the species of grass on your lawn first. Your lawn care service in San Antonio can assist in confirming the suitability of fertilizer for your grass. Organic fertilizers are best used for enriching the lawn because, by their very nature, they completely break down without any harmful residues left. Use fertilizers only at the discretion of your lawn service in San Antonio, TX.

  6. Dethatch

    Dead or decaying grass and other organic matter can build up on the surface of the lawn. This buildup is called thatch. Thatch can restrict your grass from getting access to nutrients, water, and air. Therefore, it’s important to de-thatch the lawn once in a while to keep the lawn in good health. Dethatching can be done with a rake or a power rake depending on which one is available at your lawn mowing service in San Antonio, TX

  7. Mow correctly

    Proper mowing techniques will make your lawn near perfect. To do this right, cut only one-third of the length of the grass. This can be achieved by having professional lawn care in San Antonio mow your lawn. If they’re good as expected, your lawn yard would look great in no time. Mowing can be done once or twice a week for it to be effective.

    A cheap lawn service in San Antonio like GoMow Lawn Mowing offers the best mowing service any homeowner would ever come across. If you’re looking to hire a mowing service, try GoMow Lawn Mowing, San Antonio, TX.

  8. Remove weeds as soon as possible

    Weeds can harm your lawn in several ways. Eradicate weeds on sight either by hand or by applying weed killers. Topical herbicides or pre-emergent weed control can be used to tackle weeds as soon as they appear. Use herbicides under the advisement of a lawn service company in San Antonio to avoid mistakes that would hurt your grass. If possible, use an organic herbicide to eradicate weeds.

Making your lawn perfect requires work and consistent effort by a vetted lawn mowing service like GoMow lawn mowing service in San Antonio, TX. Would you love to get started to get your lawn perfect today?

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