10 Things Before You Choose Lawn Mowing Service For Spring Season In San Antonio, TX

10 Things Before You Choose Lawn Mowing Service For Spring Season In San Antonio, TX

For spring season lawn care, certain preparations need to be put in place before deciding on a lawn mowing service for the new cycle. How well your lawn performs in the coming spring season depends on how much preparation you put into it ahead of time. Fortunately, doing the basics is more than enough to give your lawn a good head start especially when you hire lawn care in San Antonio.

In this post, we have discussed 10 things to consider before you choose a San Antonio lawn mowing service for the spring season.

  1. Clean, service and tune your lawn care equipment if you have one

    This is the best time to dust, oil and prepare your lawn care equipment for spring season lawn care especially if you own a lawn mower and do lawn mowing yourself. Dust and clean your mower, grease the movable parts, dry and keep in a cool dry place. Spring lawn care in San Antonio requires a lot of work and you just have to be ready for it all.

  2. Clean the yard or garden

    After winter, your lawn or garden is likely going to be in a mess. Dead leaves, twigs and debris strewn all over the place. It’s in your best interest to clean out the lawn in readiness for spring season lawn care. Using a rake, shovels, head pans and any other necessary tools, remove objects that shouldn’t be on the lawn. It’s even better if you have lawn maintenance in San Antonio in your payroll so they can assist with professional help.

  3. Take out weeds even before spring season lawn care begins

    The Spring season is a time of new growth which means it’s necessary to ensure you get only the right type of growth. Only your lawn grass species and any other selected plants should take root in your space. Weeds must be tackled even before they take root. We advise using a pre-emergent herbicide to take out weeds before they appear. Pre-emergent prevents weed seeds from germinating in the first place so that only your grass grows. Check with lawn care in San Antonio to determine what works best for your lawn.

  4. Feed the lawn yard

    It’s important to get your lawn started on the right note. Use slow-release, nitrogen-rich fertilizers to enrich your lawn before spring season lawn care commences fully. You can check in with lawn services in San Antonio for suggestions on what might work best for your grass in your region. Fertilizer when used well delivers excellent growth to your lawn.

  5. Treat bare spots

    Patchy or balding spots on lawns aren’t a beautiful sight to behold. Treat such spots by reworking the soil and re-seeding it with new grass seedlings of the same species. You can carry this out by raking the soil to loosen it, watering, introducing a bit of fertilizer to enrich the soil and then re-introducing new seedlings.

    In a few weeks, the bare spots should be gone. Make inquiries from San Antonio lawn mowing about specially-formulated mixes designed for re-growing bald spots on lawns.

  6. Light mowing should begin

    While spring lawn care is in the works, we encourage mowing the grass lightly in readiness. The best way to mow your lawn still lies in hiring a lawn mowing in San Antonio, TX – a good example of an amazing lawn mowing company is GoMow Lawn Care Services.

    Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring out, ensure that your grass top only gets trimmed at this point. The idea here is to stimulate the lawn for the new growth that comes with the spring season. Avoid cutting too short as it can cause stunted growth and weaken the grass.

  7. Test the soil for acidity or alkalinity

    Before spring lawn care begins, test the soil to be certain that it’s in the right shape. Check for high acidity or alkalinity and treat accordingly. Soil testing requires professional assistance which means you will have to get professional lawn maintenance in San Antonio for this. Ideally, the pH of the soil should be neutral for best results. As mentioned before, only professional soil experts should handle this task.

  8. Remove thatch from the lawn

    Thatch forms from remnants of dry, dead grass and can clog up the surface of your lawn if left unattended. Rake hard to remove matted thatch from the lawn so that new growth won’t get stifled. A flexible leaf rake can be used so that young grasses don’t get damaged during the activity. With proper planning, lawn care in San Antonio can be easy and stress-free while yielding a beautiful lawn that’s a beauty to look at.

  9. Aerate the soil if necessary

    Though aeration isn’t a frequent activity, if it feels like your lawn soil needs it, then by all means, aerate the soil. Aeration will loosen up compacted soil and improve the permeation of soil nutrients, water and air in the soil which are all essential to grass growth especially in the early growing days of spring season.

  10. Hire San Antonio lawn care

    Spring season lawn care deserves the best you can afford so as to keep your lawn in great form for the new season. Of course, the first step to take is to hire a lawn service in San Antonio for this role.

    This saves you time, effort and expenses. You also get to enjoy the benefits of owning a lovely lawn yard in San Antonio.

For all your lawn mowing needs, GoMow Lawn Care Service offers a robust lawn mowing experience designed to keep your lawn beautiful, green and healthy all year long. Our work speaks for itself as we have happy and satisfied customers who enjoy our services on a retainer. We offer a FREE QUOTE when you book our services online.

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