Yard Grading: Everything you need to know in Dallas, TX

Yard Grading: Everything You Need To Know In Dallas, TX

For most homeowners, enough attention isn’t paid to the grading of the yard space. What eventually happens is this, water either starts running off the land, carrying soil with it (in cases where the ground is bare earth), or water pools around the home in different locations. Both scenarios aren’t great as they can cause serious damage to your property. If possible, it’s best to have a yard care service in Dallas, TX to plan and grade your yard properly.

When grading is done well, water would be channeled properly away from the house into a collection point or gutter with no risk of damaging your property. We advise doing yard grading right from the point when you’re trying to set up your lawn yard.

In this post, we have discussed everything you need to know about Yard Grading in Dallas, TX.

Read more below to learn how this can benefit your yard:

About Yard Grading

Typically, yard grading as the name implies involves grading your lawn yard area to have a slight slope or incline towards a particular desired area in order to control flooding or pooling water in the space. Many lawn care and maintenance services offer yard maintenance services as well.

Yard grading means that the area around your house would be slightly higher than the other areas so that water doesn’t collect there. It’s important to work with proper measurements so that the grading can be done right.

The sloping nature of the grading should place the area around the house about 3% to 25% higher above the lawn area. When done this way, any excess water can be run into the lawn to help with irrigating it.

Advantages of Yard Grading

Certainly, yard grading comes with benefits that you should know about. For starters, it’s a yard treatment that can help to irrigate the lawn even without extra watering efforts. Yard grading removes the risk of damage from water runoffs and pooling around the house. Water runoffs can weaken the structure of your building, cause cracks, leaking, flooding, and even collapse in critical cases.

When your yard isn’t graded properly, a myriad of problems could be the outcome. Instances of this include the following:

  • Soaked and flooded lawns
  • Pools of stagnant water
  • Leaching of nutrients
  • Erosion of the soil
  • The buildup of ice packs during winter
  • Muddy ground
  • Mould, rot, and pest infestation

If your yard is graded badly, then any one of or several of these cases can be the outcome. Of course, the only way out is to hire yard care professionals to take over and make corrections on the property. Yard grading essentially protects your lawn and foundation from water damage and loss of soil and nutrients.

For homeowners looking to yard cleanup and grading, there are a number of yard care services in Dallas, TX to consider. Simply search online for ‘yard services near me to get search suggestions of different yard care companies in your area.

What’s Involved in Yard Grading

When it comes to yard grading, several steps are involved in order to make it a successful one. Yard maintenance costs cannot be avoided whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a yard care service. It’s important to note that some yard cutting services also double as yard maintenance services as well. Some only focus on mowing while others offer a diverse range of services.

Below are some of the steps involved to carry out yard grading on your land:

1.) Take a measurement of the current grade on the land or have a yard care service that offers to grade do this for you. When accurate measurement of the existing slop is ascertained, the next step can be undertaken.

2.) Begin a new construction of the slope. Yard services prices are not expensive across the board which means you can rebuild the slope of your yard without spending a fortune.

3.) While re-grading the lawn yard, also consider eliminating obstructive items in the way. Objects that can allow water to stand in pockets should be removed.

4.) Ensure that your yard cleanup and grading include redistributing the soil to achieve the desired effect. Remove soil from high areas of the yard to the areas that need to be higher and vice versa. When done correctly, yard grading will not only protect your property but will also improve the look of your yard.

5.) Confirm the measurement of the new grade to be certain that it’s exactly as you had in mind.

Yard Grading Costs

When it comes to yard maintenance costs, it’s fair to have an open mind and a reasonable budget. The truth is that yard service prices can cost a small fortune which is why you need to be ready for it before hiring a yard care service.

Typically, a small yard grading service will cost a few hundred dollars while larger projects that require more equipment, time, and labor will cost anywhere from $1000 up to $5000. Budgeting and considering your options are important so you don’t pay way higher than necessary.

Some Factors that Affect Yard Grading Price

The cost of grading a yard varies based on different factors at stake. In our experience, the factors below contribute to the cost of grading your yard:

1.) The size of the land to be graded, the larger it is, and the higher the yard care price will be.

2.) The necessary equipment is needed for the yard grading process. More tools and equipment means higher yard maintenance costs.

3.) The type of soil on the land.

4.) The amount of labor needed to grade the yard as desired. Labor is charged on an hourly basis and costs $50 or more typically.


It’s important to do your due diligence before hiring a yard grading or yard care service. Check for ratings and reviews from third-party review platforms. For all your yard cutting services, GoMow Lawn Care Service is one of the best there is when it comes to mowing your lawn to remain green and healthy for as long as possible.

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