Which Type Of Grass Should I Plant In Austin, TX?

Which Type Of Grass Should I Plant In Austin, TX?

For Austin lawn owners, life is pleasant as their lawns are taken care of by the best lawn mowing services in Austin, TX. It must be said that this area of Texas is fortunate to have a temperate though occasionally warm summer climate almost year round due to its location.

GoMow Lawn Mowing Service has been mowing lawns in Austin for a little while now, and we’ve discovered that many Austin residents want a beautiful lawn. We offer the best level of lawn service in Austin, TX. A good number of people just aren’t sure where to begin. Making a decision on which type of grass to plant is a good place to start.

We’ve weighed the pros and cons of different grass types in Austin here so you will know which ones to choose for your lawn.

St Augustine Grass

The most common type of grass in Austin is St. Augustine. It’s also one of the fastest-growing grasses and one of the most shade-tolerant. It prefers warm climates and thrives in Austin’s humid summers. It necessitates a lot of upkeep, several feed applications, and a lot of irrigation during hot weather. If you don’t mow at least once a week, you risk having thatch build-up.

Please keep in mind that this grass is susceptible to pests. Because St. Augustine grass does not grow from seed, the best time to plant it is in early spring, using plugs or sod. Put this under consideration when doing yard work in Austin.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass comes in two varieties: Improved Bermuda grass and Common Bermuda grass. The latter is a very common grass type in Austin and is likely the most common in the south. It’s a turf that thrives in Austin’s warm climate, though it does require frequent watering. It’s a lovely grass that’s commonly used on sports fields. Aside from its appealing appearance, it is tough and disease resistant. Austin yard services have experience in managing grass species like Bermuda grass.

If you have this type of grass, your lawn care service should be prepared for a strict maintenance plan. You’ll most likely be fertilizing once a month, mowing more than once per week on average, and irrigating frequently.

Bermuda grass does not prefer shade. Plant Bermuda grass in the spring season because it develops fully very quickly.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a common grass type, a Texas native turf grass that is drought tolerant and disease resistant. Naturally, the main advantage of Buffalo grass is that it requires less irrigation, making it an excellent choice for Austin homeowners. The grass also grows no more than 5-6 inches per year, so it won’t get out of hand if you neglect it for a few busy weeks.

Overall, it’s not the most attractive grass, but it’s ideal if you want to spend less time and money on hiring a lawn mowing service. Lawn care in TX ensures that you get results regardless of the type of grass used.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is simply stunning but expensive. It grows thick turf and is shade tolerant just like St Augustine grass. In addition to being a beautiful grass, Zoysia grass is tough and resistant to stress. It also grows slower than other grasses, so you’ll have to mow it less often.

However, it takes a long time to establish (1-3 seasons) and requires frequent fertilization, possibly even once a month. It has a low drought tolerance, which is important in Austin.

If you do decide to go with Zoysia grass, it is recommended that you seek professional advice from lawn maintenance in Austin, TX. It’s challenging to care for it, but if done correctly, Zoysia grass is superb and will undoubtedly make your neighbors jealous.


To over-seed (or re-seed) Austin lawns in the fall and winter, Ryegrass is most often used to improve the lawn temporarily. When used in this manner, your lawn can remain vibrant and green even during a colder and drier winter. It can also be used to momentarily control erosion.

Ryegrass comes in two varieties: annual and perennial. But don’t expect either of them to stick around. Other than in the northern part of Texas, known as the High Plains, ryegrass will not survive the Texas heat all year. It’s a cool shade of grass and should be only used as such.

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