When should I fertilizer my lawn in San Antonio, Texas?

When Should I Fertilizer My Lawn In San Antonio, Texas?

Let’s assume that you own a beautiful piece of property with a gorgeous, well-maintained lawn yard that also happens to be the best looking in your neighborhood. Your biggest concern is going to be how you are going to maintain that lovely property with its lawn year in, year out.

Perhaps knowing a bit of lawn care can make things easier for you but if you want long-lasting results, hiring a professional lawn care service will be your best shot. Weekly lawn care tasks like mowing, watering, weeding can be handled without much experience, fortunately.

Some other tasks, however, will need expert attention – a good example would be Fertilization.

Fertilizers are highly-reactive and must be handled with care to avoid causing problems. The question then is, when should you fertilize your lawn in San Antonio, Texas?

At first, it might look like one of the easiest tasks to carry out on your lawn but considering the issues that can come from the wrong fertilizer application, it’s best to be careful about it.

In this post, we have discussed when you should consider fertilizing your lawn in San Antonio, Texas.

  1. What’s your grass type

    It’s important to know the grass type growing on your lawn first before thinking of applying fertilizers. Grass species require fertilizer boosters at different times during the lawn growing season.

    Warm-season grasses like Bermuda, Zoysia, St Augustine and Buffalo grass all have their peak growing periods in the summer. This means any fertilizer application should be around May or at least April for maximum nutrient use. Cool-season grasses require fertilization to be done around October in preparation for the coming winter months.

  2. Lawn maintenance frequency

    To make this simple to understand, the number of times you carry out weekly lawn care and maintenance on your lawn will determine how often you might need to apply fertilizer on it. If your lawn often experiences water application and weekly mowing, then fertilizer application should be done at once every 6 to 8 weeks

    If done right by your lawn care service in San Antonio, you will enjoy a rich, green healthy lawn for long periods of time. In fact, consider this option if you’re going for weekly grass cutting.

  3. Select a type of fertilizer

    There are various fertilizers available to enrich the lawn to grow and look great. However, you must be certain that your lawn is deficient in certain compounds before enriching your soil with fertilizers containing the said compounds.

    Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are of the elements needed by plants to do well. These elements are also found in fertilizers and must be applied with caution. Over-application is as dangerous as under-application and must be watched. It’s best for your lawn mowing service in San Antonio to handle your fertilizer application process for the best results.

    Organic fertilizers are often the ideal choice for professional lawn care. They’re not harsh, don’t burn off the grass and decompose completely when introduced into the lawn.

  4. Go organic

    As suggested above, consider going for organic fertilizer application. They’re milder and are as effective as synthetic fertilizers on your grass. Organic fertilizer options include composting, mulching and the use of grass clippings on the lawn to enrich it naturally.

    Using a mulch-mower can easily replenish your lawn with a rich source of nitrogen through the reintroduced grass clippings it cycles back to the earth. For composting, ensure that the earth is properly aerated before introducing the compost into it.

    For more information on the use of organic fertilizers to increase the nutrient composition of the lawn yard, you can run searches with the keyword – lawn mowing online.

  5. Work with a lawn maintenance schedule

    A schedule is a form of a calendar that helps your lawn care activity to be organized and professional. With a calendar or schedule, you will be able to list out what needs to be done and get to it directly and on time.

If you’re looking to take fertilizer application to the next level, you will find this information super-useful. Your lawn will be the better for it and you will enjoy the pride and joy that comes with owning a beautiful lawn.