What Is The Best Height To Cut Grass To Prevent Weeds In Austin, TX?

What Is The Best Height To Cut Grass To Prevent Weeds In Austin, TX?

The subject of the best height to cut grass has gone on for years. The consensus by most authorities is to cut only one-third of the length of the grass blades per time. To do this right, the lawn mower blades will have to be set right and mowing will be done on a precise schedule. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this rule on the best mowing height.

Weekly mowing is great but you have to be certain that the species of grass on your lawn can deal with it. Some grass types do better with bi-weekly mowing. Therefore, it’s left for you to identify the type of grass you have, learn about its ideal grass-cutting height and do the needful.

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the best height to cut grass to prevent weeds in Austin, TX.

Why shouldn’t you cut your grass too low?

Cutting your grass too low is known as scalping. This practice can be very dangerous as it leaves your lawn exposed and empty. Weed seedlings can easily take root, germinate and grow on every bare surface. In truth, hiring a lawn mowing service in Austin can save your lawn from such errors. It’s a different case if you’re experienced in lawn care.

When you set your mower blades too low, scalping happens. Lawns should be trimmed in a way where there’s still enough leafy vegetation on it for the plant’s metabolic activities. Scalping causes stress on the lawn simply because of the increased exposure to the sun, heat and other elements.

Stressed-out lawns will eventually begin to die and will cost a good deal of money to restore, which is why it’s important to save your turf as soon as you notice a decline. If you want no incidence of weeds in your lawn yard, cutting your grass at the right height is the first effective step. Full, thick grass on your lawn will choke off any invasive weeds.

On the other hand, leaving your lawn too high can also be problematic. Moderation is key to getting it right. If your grass is too high, rodents can easily make a residence on your turf, much to your surprise. As already stated, the best height to mow grass is about one-third of its length.

To solve this problem, having a mowing schedule or hiring a lawn company on a retainer is the way to go. Your lawn will be trimmed, green and neat so you’ll have little to no worries concerning lawn care.

Why hire a professional lawn mowing service

The number one reason for hiring a lawn mowing service is to benefit from their wealth of experience in professional lawn mowing. As a lawn owner, you do not want errors on your lawn. Hiring a lawn mowing service in Austin, for instance, will save you a lot of trouble.

It’s cheaper, in the long run, to hire lawn mowing services rather than suffer lawn mowing mistakes. One costs less and is usually done by an experienced person, the latter is often done by the homeowner who lacks the know-how or experience to do it right.

Mowing Frequency

On average, lawn mowing should average twice a week for fast-growing lawns and twice a week for slow-growing lawns. Whether your grass is Zoysia, Bermuda or Buffalo grass, it requires regular mowing to keep it trim and healthy.

Inquire from your preferred lawn mowing solution about the ideal grass cutting height of your lawn grass specifically. Armed with the right information, there will be little room for lawn care mistakes.

Tips for Effective Lawn Mowing

Mowing grass comes with some tips to get it right. Ignore them at your peril and your lawn yard might just be the worst for it. Below are some tips you need to know before mowing your yard.

  1. Avoid using dull blades to mow your lawn. Care for and maintain your mower blades too sharp. When the mower blade is sharp, it makes a clean, sharp cut without tearing the grass or causing harm. Your local hardware store can help with this task or you can take it to your lawn mowing service in Austin to help out. Ideally, we recommend leaving lawn mowing to professional mowing services.
  2. Mow regularly to stimulate healthy growth in your lawn. To be consistent at this, hiring a service like GoMow Austin is an important lawn care decision. Adequate mowing does a lot for the metabolism and development of grasses. Mowing should be done at one-third the height of the lawn. The Angle of mowing should also be alternated from time to time – go vertical, horizontal and diagonal as the case may be.
  3. Hire GoMow Austin to experience professional lawn mowing at its peak. Have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about a bad lawn or how to care for it.

Best Mowing Height to Keep Out Weeds

For tall grass, maintain a height of 3 inches or a little bit higher. Buffalo, Bermuda and Tall fescue are rapidly-growing tall grass that can withstand droughts and harsh weather.

In conclusion, the best mowing height is dependent on the species of your grass amongst other factors. Hiring an experienced lawn mowing service like GoMow Austin will save your lawn from unnecessary lawn care errors. If in doubt, ask questions.

We are available to mow your lawn as needed so you can focus on other activities in your life.

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