How to remove mosquitoes in lawn yard

How To Remove Mosquitoes In Lawn Yard

Mosquitoes can become pesky and even threatening to your peace of mind and health if left unattended to thrive in your environment. Over-grown lawn yards are usually one of the common places to find these insects.

It is a known fact that mosquitoes are the cause of malaria infections in Africa; a disease that kills millions every year. Fortunately, mosquitoes in the Northern hemisphere are not as deadly but can still be problematic.

Residential lawn owners in Austin are often plagued with dealing with mosquito infestations. In this post, we discussed how you can remove mosquitoes from your lawn yard. Of course, you can always choose to use a professional Austin lawn care service to do this.

  1. Plant some insect repellant plants around your lawn yard

    Some plants are known to be insect-repellant. These plants emit scents that are obnoxious to insects thereby keeping them off a lawn yard where they have been planted.Some examples of insect repellant plants include lemon balm, mint, marigolds, garlic, lavender, rosemary and several others.

    In addition to keeping mosquitoes away from your lawn, the scents from these plants are pleasant but offensive to insects. In our opinion, this is a win-win situation for you.

    Consider asking your lawn care service in Austin about getting some of these plants around your lawn yard if you are having problems from mosquitoes and other insects.

  2. Consider spraying your lawn yard with an organic insecticide

    In a case where there is excessive mosquito infestation on your lawn yard or an environment, the best approach to follow is to call in experts – consider contacting a reputable lawn care service in Austin to handle the situation.

    You may also have to insist that they use only organic insecticides to eradicate the mosquitoes. If you must do it yourself, ensure that the product is natural and harmless to pets. You may also have to pay close attention to the user manual to avoid dangerous errors.

  3. Remove all standing water bodies in your environment

    Perhaps, this should be one of the first things to do when starting out with mosquito eradication in your lawn yard. Female mosquito requires standing water to lay its eggs to hatch. Therefore, to forestall the egg laying process to start with, you can check for standing bodies of water in your lawn to remove them.

    Rainwater can collect in disposed cans, pots, buckets, and other types of containers that can accumulate water. You must ensure that no such containers are filled with standing water on your lawn yard. These containers will include potted plants, pet dish plates, bird baths and children’s toys that can contain water.

    Trash cans and any other open containers should be changed several times a week to avoid having mosquitoes lay eggs in them.

  4. Consider installing drainage systems in your lawn yard

    To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in anywhere in your lawn yard, consider installing drainage systems if you have planter boxes around. This drainage system will remove excess water from the collector, draining it to prevent standing water which is an ideal place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and breed from.

    Another option is to use a French drain which easily collects and redirects surface and water away from your home. Your local plumbing service can install this in your lawn to remove water from your lawn.

    Some lawn care services provide this type of yard work; an online search for ‘yard work Austin‘ will certainly give you a good number of options to select from.

  5. Consider using natural solutions around your yard to dispel mosquitoes

    Organic solutions are always better solutions because they have fewer fall-outs in later times. A natural solution to keep mosquitoes at bay is to plant specific plant herbs and scented oils that are known to be offensive to mosquitoes in your lawn yard. A top choice lawn care in Austin will be in the best position to offer you excellent suggestions on which plants will fit in best in your lawn yard.

    The herbs and oils are organic, naturally occurring and have no toxic side effects when put to use. Scented oils and burning sticks can be used in the home to eradicate mosquitoes while the herbs can be planted in the lawn yard.

    In addition, pouring oil or coffee grounds into standing water forces mosquito eggs to float to the surface of the water where it dies from lack of oxygen for development.

  6. Keep your lawn grass in good care

    An over-grown grass is a perfect hiding place for mosquitoes. These pests will hide in there only to come out at night to disturb your peace of mind. Keeping your lawn grass low and neat reduces the chances of mosquitoes hanging around your environment.

    You may also choose to work with a lawn mowing service in Austin to keep your grass in perfect shape if you are not always available to do so yourself. GoMow Lawn Mowing Service offers a very professional and reliable service in this regard.

Final words

Keeping mosquitoes away from your lawn yard is not a difficult task when you follow the steps listed above. For best results, you may choose to combine several of these options to eliminate mosquitoes from your lawn yard.

The best winning combination any lawn care service in Austin can offer you will involve doing any of the following:

  • removing standing water from your lawn because they are the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes,
  • planting insect repellants herbs and plants in your lawn
  • calling in insect control experts to spray your lawn yard with an organic insecticide if possible

You can check with your Austin lawn care service to know the best combination for your lawn yard. To get a quick FREE QUOTE, click below.