Lawn Care Tips: Avoid Overwatering For The Lawn Growth In Austin, TX

Lawn Care Tips: Avoid Overwatering For The Lawn Growth In Austin, TX

Your lawn needs water for proper growth and development. As a matter of fact, if water availability is low, the lawn grass is likely to suffer for it. This remains one of the reasons why hiring lawn maintenance in Austin to care for your lawn is important. Whether it’s manual watering or sprinkler-installed, you can rest easy knowing that your grass will get enough water.

In a place like Texas where the summers are long and hot, there’s a need to have a proper irrigation system in place to keep the grass hydrated adequately. The risk however is the fact that over-watering can happen. And when it does, it can cause more harm than good.

Proper watering ensures that your grass gets enough water needed to grow. It also helps nutrients, oxygen, and other elements permeate the necessary membranes of the grass. When done right, proper water improves the root system of your grass and helps it become tougher even in harsh conditions. Hiring a lawn mowing service in Austin, TX can help prevent such situations.

On the other hand, over-watering the lawn is a danger that must be avoided. Over-watering happens when you water the lawn excessively to the point of flooding it.

Homes that have engaged lawn care services in Austin are less likely to experience over-watering simply because professional lawn mowing services know exactly how to care for lawns.

Below are some of the risks that come with over-watering the lawn:

1.) The weak, shallow root structure
2.) Weakened grass due to excessive soaking of water
3.) Nutrient depletion from water running off
4.) Fungi infestation
5.) Development of thatch
6.) Weed invasion
7.) Insect and pest infestation due to moist conditions
8.) Dead or dying grass

Lawn care tips to avoid Over-watering the lawn

1.) Reduce watering when there is enough rainfall in the area. To do this successfully, we advise observing the prevailing weather conditions for a while. For professional help, a lawn care service in Austin can assist with this task. A DIY alternative is to measure the rainfall in the area using small cans placed strategically on different areas of the lawn. The rainfall rate can be calculated from the volume of water collated.

2.) Ensure that any irrigation sprinkler system installed on your lawn has a sensor that detects rain and can shut off when it rains. This feature will ensure that the lawn doesn’t get more flooded after it has already rained.

3.) Water the lawn only once or twice a week depending on the type of grass and the weather conditions. Typically, summer time requires more water because of the dry conditions which can last for a while in areas like Texas.

4.) Only water the lawn when it looks like it needs it. As stated before, most lawns will do well with only once weekly or bi-weekly watering so test around to see what works best for you.

5.) Leave watering your lawn in the hands of lawn services in Austin, TX who offer the irrigation service.

Experience, expertise, and availability of equipment among other factors are reasons why you will get better results when you hire experts.

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