Lawn Care Guide: How To Revive Grass After Winter In Austin, TX?

Lawn Care Guide: How To Revive Grass After Winter In Austin, TX?

As spring season looms and winter rescinds, the thoughts on the mind of most homeowners are on how to revive grass after winter. Considering how tough some winter months can be, restarting lawn care can be a challenge.

In this post, we have discussed how to get green grass after the winter season. The good news is that there are practical steps that work.

Learn more about them below:

  1. Clean out the remnants of the winter season

    As soon as the snow and ice start melting, reach out to your lawn care in Austin to clean out the lawn yard, remove debris and get your lawn ready for the new lawn care season. Dead branches, rotten leaves, and organic matter should be taken out to make space for the spring season.

  2. Treat your lawn for snow mold

    Snow mold is a fungal disease that often infects grass lawns that have been under snow and ice for a long while. They are of two types – the Grey snow mold and the Pink snow mold. Both can be treated with specific fungicides. Clean up the lawn and treat it with snow mold-specific fungicides after consulting professional lawn care in Austin.

  3. Overseed the lawn

    It’s common for the lawn to look weak, bare and worn out. Consider implementing overseeding to revive the lawn with fresh grass. Use high-quality grass seedlings to stimulate new growth on the lawn for the new season. Avoid DIY practices because of errors by simply hiring an affordable lawn service for this task.

  4. Mow high at the start

    Your first mowing attempts for the new season should be high to warm up your grass for mowing. In addition, at this stage, your grass is still tender so scalping is out of it. Mow tentatively for the first few times until the spring season is in full swing. GoMow Lawn Care, Austin offers an affordable lawn mowing service dedicated to bringing your lawn up to speed in no time at all.

  5. Apply a High-Quality Fertilizer

    Using a top-notch fertilizer with an adequate amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in the spring is essential for reviving a lawn back to life after the winter. Early spring is the ideal time to apply it, and if it doesn’t grow quickly, add more later in the season. Lawn care after winter doesn’t have to be difficult if you do the right things at the right time.

    It’s necessary to note that organic fertilizers may require more time to yield benefits than synthetic ones so do your due diligence before concluding on one. Also, you may want to have it at the back of your mind that synthetic fertilizers have long-term adverse effects.

  6. Water correctly

    As part of efforts to revive your lawn for the spring season, you must water your lawn at the right time of the day. Watering should be done in the mornings and evenings when there’s less evaporation from the lawn. Once a week watering should be the ideal frequency to irrigate the lawn at this early stage. Don’t be in a hurry to flood your lawn with frequent watering at this time. Knowing how to revive grass after winter is a process every lawn owner should be knowledgeable about even while leaving the practical aspects of lawn care in Austin.

  7. Introduce pre-emergents

    Spring season is the best time to introduce pre-emergent solutions to tackle weeds before they germinate in your soil. Some weeds are good at lying dormant during the cold winter months only to become active in spring. Tackle weeds head-on with pre-emergents to avoid doing more work later on in the year. Once they have had a chance to establish a root and grow, weeds may also become more challenging to remove.

  8. Aerate and Dethatch from the lawn

    Dethatch your lawn with a thorough, firm raking in readiness for spring lawn care in Austin. Thatch is a dead layer of detritus that slowly accumulates at the base of the grass. This organic matter can reduce the movement of essential resources to your lawn.

    After dethatching, it’s time to aerate and loosen up your soil if it’s compacted. If you own a large lawn yard, manual aeration would be a lot of work so go ahead to hire an aeration service. Aeration makes the soil more permeable so that water and oxygen can reach the roots more effectively.

Are you ready to start spring lawn season with all the excitement that comes with reviving your green grass after winter? Try our lawn care after winter cleaning!

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