How To Mow The Lawn, 6 Things To Think About Before Lawn Mowing For The First Time This Season In San Antonio

How To Mow The Lawn, 6 Things To Think About Before Lawn Mowing For The First Time This Season In San Antonio

With spring season by the corner, it’s time to get your lawn back into shape. Grass lawns are an essential part of the home and required adequate care to look and feel great. If you’re looking to mow for the first time this season, we have discussed the 6 things to think about before going ahead.

So here we go for first season lawn mowing!

  1. Clean up your lawn before starting

    With lawn care toned down during the winter months, it’s necessary to clean your lawn of trash and debris before you mow the lawn. You never can tell what’s in your grass that can affect mowing. Dead leaves, sticks, stones, branches, food wrappers, etc can litter a lawn before the first time mowing in the new season. Gather up and dispose of the dirt and debris so you can have an easy first mowing experience.

    Also, obstacles can easily damage your lawn mower blade if it cuts on them. If you’re using a lawn service company like GoMow Lawn Mowing Service, San Antonio, you can rest assured that your lawn will be properly taken care of.

  2. Ensure your mower blades are sharp

    Nothing kills a lawn faster than mowing it with dull mower blades. When a lawn mower blade is blunted, it tears and rips the grass rather than smoothly cutting through it. These tears cause more harm than good in the long run. It weakens and damages the grass and increases disease spread. Further, the lawn looks terrible after the mowing session.

    Before first mowing in a new season, ensure the lawn mower has been oiled, services, and the blades sharpened.

    Any proper San Antonio lawn mowing service can handle this for you. Alternatively, hire a professional but cheap lawn service in San Antonio to handle your mowing needs.

  3. Cut only one-third of the grass

    When it comes to lawn mowing, it’s important to follow the one-third rule. According to this rule, only cut one-third of the lawn grass during mowing. Cutting lower than one-third will increase the risk of your lawn becoming scorched due to overexposure to the sun. In essence, don’t cut too high or too low. To do this, set your lawn mower blades at the right height for the best results.

    Hiring a professional lawn mowing service is usually a better option. Cheap lawn service in San Antonio like GoMow Lawn Mowing will treat your lawn grass just right.

  4. Edge your lawn to enhance its look

    To give your lawn a great look, consider contouring it. Lawn mowing isn’t just about mowing the grass. It’s also important to contour the edges of the grass to leave it trimmed. A properly-edged grass often looks great so don’t forget to implement this practice in your first time mowing in the new season.

  5. Don’t water the lawn after mowing

    Avoid watering your lawn immediately after mowing it. The lawn needs to recover from the cutting wounds before you apply new moisture to it. Watering immediately mowing can help spread disease fast. Watering should be done after a good number of days or if you feel the grass looks dried up and needs hosing down.

  6. Be consistent with lawn care

    If you’re looking to have the best lawn around, then consistency in lawn mowing is key during the new season. You simply can’t afford to leave your lawn unattended most of the time.

    Make it a habit of mowing your lawn regularly or hire a good lawn mowing service in San Antonio.

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