How much does a professional lawn care cost in TX for 2019?

How Much Does A Professional Lawn Care Cost In TX For 2019?

Professional lawn care is your best bet for your lawn in 2019 and there are several reasons why this is the case. Apart from homeowners who are on a tight budget or are really into DIY lawn care, hiring a professional lawn service near you has many benefits which include the following:

  • Saves you the stress that comes from doing engaged physical work
  • You worry less about equipment damage, maintenance, and repairs which can be costly
  • Get experienced lawn experts who are trained in the best lawn care routines to keep your lawn green and healthy
  • Enjoy more free time with friends, family and loved ones during your off hours.

Now, you will agree that these benefits are certainly appealing but the question most lawn owners are often concerned about is – what would it cost to hire a professional lawn care service in Texas for 2019?

In this post, we have discussed several aspects of lawn care pricing which also include the average cost of landscaping maintenance in Texas for 2019.

Using our lawn mowing service, GoMow Lawn Mowing, Texas as a case study, we have made several deductions on the cost of professional lawn care services in Texas.

  1. Average Lawn mowing cost

    GoMow Lawn Mowing offers different lawn mowing options to customers. We offer a bi-weekly, weekly and winter lawn mowing services to choose from when hiring us.

    From March to December, customers are offered the weekly and bi-weekly services up until the months of January and February when we switch to a tri-weekly service.

    Pricing starts from $33 for small and zero-lot line yards a week and $50 for large home lots. However, for custom lawn care services, contacting us directly for a quote is a better option.

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  2. Lawn care services available

    GoMow Lawn Mowing offers lawn mowing services which include the following: Full mowing, trimming of shrubs and edging of sidewalks and walkways, lawn cleaning after mowing, and generally use of the lawn mowing practices in the industry.

    When you order the weekly or bi-weekly lawn care services, we handle these tasks for the same amount depending on the size of your lawn yard.

  3. Weekly lawn cost

    For weekly lawn mowing as stated earlier, GoMow Lawn Mowing offers a quote depending on the size of your land lot. As expected, a large lawn yard will be more costly to handle than a small one. We charge $33 for small lawn yards and $50 for large lawns.

    Both fees are standard rates for weekly lawn cost during the mowing seasons of March to December. Customers can also choose a bi-weekly service which is subject to cost estimation but the ranges still fall within $33 and $50.

    What this means is this, a budget of about $100 or above should be enough for your basic lawn care needs in most cases if you have a small or average-sized lawn yard.

  4. Services offered and their accompanying costs

    For GoMow Lawn Mowing Services Texas, we offer mowing and other related services. However, some lawn care companies offer other services like landscaping maintenance. These services might include:

    • Over-seeding or Reseeding – This is necessary for lawns that are growing in patches or have died out in some areas.
    • Watering – A very important lawn care practice to keep your grass properly hydrated especially during dry spells. It is also necessary for cases where there are no built-in water sprinklers on the lawn.
    • Fertilizing – Fertilization can increase the nutrient levels in your soil making it more viable for lawn grass growth.
    • Aeration – It involves loosening the soil to allow freer movement of air, water and soil nutrients to reach the grass plants.

The cost of any other lawn care service can always be estimated and negotiated on to reach a suitable price point in most cases.

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