Beat your bad lawn: 5 Ideas to Improve Your lawn Fast and easily in Texas

Beat Your Bad Lawn: 5 Ideas To Improve Your Lawn Fast And Easily In Texas

Perhaps you have a bad lawn yard and are looking to turn things around as fast as possible. In this post, we have discussed 5 ideas to improve your lawn fast and easily in Texas. If you’re truly tired of having a poor lawn yard, these 5 ideas will help you metaphorically beat your bad lawn into shape.

After implementing everything you’d be learning in this post, you’re going to be having the greenest, healthiest and most beautiful lawn in your area. Are you pumped to start reading and learning?

Read on to learn how you can give your lawn the best care today!

  1. Aeration is a helpful practice to implement

    Like most lawn owners, the part of a domestic property that experiences the most use on your property. It’s where your pets and kids play on. It’s the best place to have a neighborhood barbecue or get-together too. Therefore, it’s very likely that the soil beneath the grasses would be compacted after weeks or even months of these activities.

    When soil is compacted, there is limited room for air, nutrients and water to move through it to where it’s most needed. This leads to the lawn grass growing poorly from deficiency. The solution out of this development is to aerate your soil every six months or as needed.

    In simple terms, aerating the soil involves punching holes in the soil to break up the clumps and make it loose for easier osmotic activity.

    Aeration can be done using a garden fork, a trowel, or an aeration tool. When done right, you’ll find out that your lawn grass will grow better a greener in the long run than ever before. Aeration is best when done once a year but for lawns experiencing a lot of foot traffic, twice a year or every 6 months is advisable.

  2. Deep watering can make a world of difference

    Watering your deeply and less frequently can turn things around for your lawn. Most lawn services wrongly advise frequent watering for a short time daily but this won’t do much good for your grass. It will only make the grass used to water, leading them to develop short roots and lose the ability to survive with little water.

    On the other hand, watering deeply and less often encourages the grass to develop long roots that grow deep into the soil. Grasses with long roots perform better in the long run, especially during droughts.

    Your lawn mowing service can either water your lawn by hand using a watering can if your lawn is small or install sprinklers to automate the process. Whatever the case, be sure to water your lawn deeply and less frequently to experience improved lawn growth.

  3. The use of natural fertilizers is encouraged

    The reason for this lawn care idea is quite easy to understand. Chemical fertilizers often times contain toxic compounds which are not bio-degradable. The toxins contaminate the lawn making it harmful for pets and humans alike. Underground water bodies are not spared as lakes and rivers have been known to be contaminated as well.

    Natural fertilizers offer a better alternative. This type of fertilizer decomposes completely and enriches the soil with naturally-occurring nutrients needed to grow your lawn healthily. A word of caution, however, ensure that you consult with your lawn care company before any fertilizer application. As a matter of fact, professional assistance is required before introducing fertilizer to your lawn each time.

  4. Cut your lawn to the right height for best performance

    Lawn grass always performs best when cut to the right height. It’s possible the reason why your lawn is growing badly is because of how it is cut. The recommended lawn mowing height is to cut only a third of the grass length. Doing this means the cut grass is neither too low or too high. To be fair, different lawn species have different requirements with regards to mowing height.

    It is advisable to keep the lawnmower blades clean and sharp and the movable parts well-oiled. Mowing should be done in one direction at a time rather than in a random, disjointed motion. For best results, an electric-powered reel lawn mower makes a better option than any other lawnmower type.

  5. Consider recycling your grass clippings rather than disposing of them

    When mowing the lawn, the normal practice is to cut the grass, bag it and dispose off away from the lawn. A better way to do it and improve your lawn is to cut the grass and leave the clippings on the surface of the lawn. This serves two purposes:

    • It helps you dispose of the grass in an easy, convenient manner.
    • It enriches the grass with natural nutrients as the grass decomposes.

    The grass clippings also serve as mulch by improving the water-retaining capacity of the soil. Some other benefits of implementing grass recycling includes:

    • saves you time from bagging cut grass.
    • Improves the texture of the soil.
    • Reduces the use of fertilizers to improve your lawn.
    • Improves the look of your lawn as it grows greener and healthier.

    Your lawn yard will not be so bad if you practice these 5 ideas consistently and diligently. As you will find out after a while, your lawn will look better with the potential to become the best in your neighborhood. Your first step to making this a reality is by hiring a lawn mowing service in Texas.

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