5 Easy Ways To Make Your Lawn Thick And Green In Schertz, TX

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Lawn Thick And Green In Schertz, TX

For most homeowners, having a lovely, green lawn is an ideal they would want for themselves if they can help it. Unsurprisingly, the reasons for wanting a beautiful lawn aren’t far-fetched. Properties with gorgeous lawns are known to have more perceived value than property without it. This particular factor is known as ‘curb appeal’ and can boost the resale value of a home. It will interest you to know that hiring proven but affordable lawn maintenance is the first step to making this happen.

In addition to commanding more value, a property with lovely green lawns is a sign of a home that’s in good hands and well-maintained. Finally, a beautiful luscious lawn gives a sense of tranquility and peace to an environment. Green lawn is actually soothing to the eyes and mind – there’s just something about looking out on those rich, green and lush expanse of grass and breathing in the cool, natural and earthy air.

In this post, we have broken down several steps you can take to enjoy a thick and green lawn in Schertz, Texas. In fact, hiring lawn maintenance in Schertz will become easier when you’re armed with information on what you actually need.

Read on below to learn more:

Mow your lawn the right way

Consistent lawn mowing will help your lawn grow right and healthy. Lawn care in Schertz has been made easy by the availability of GoMow Lawn Care Service. We provide regular professional lawn mowing services in Schertz for residents who need a superb mowing session to keep their lawns thick and green all year round.

For lawn owners who mow their lawns by themselves, we recommend maintaining your mowers in the best shape possible. Keep mower parts clean and greased and blades sharp and properly set at the right height. Mowing schedule depends on how fast your grass type grows but typically, once or twice weekly can do the trick.

Please note that if you can afford mulch mowers, they’re great and come highly recommended. Mulch-mowers deal with the problem of grass clippings with relative ease. When a mulch mower is in use, the cut grass gets mulched and ejected in the same mowing sequence.

Remove debris, eliminate weeds and keep your lawn contamination free

Clean, debris-free lawn yards have it easier at looking great than untidy, cluttered lawn spaces. Remove organic wastes and inorganic debris which can easily attract rodents, pest and lead to disease infestation.

Eradicate weeds using healthy and safe practices that leave no room for risks. You can pull by hand or use biological agents to take them out. For severe cases of weeds, hire a Schertz lawn care service for professional use of chemical agents to eliminate weeds.

Believe this, it’s best to leave chemical herbicides in the hands of an experienced lawn care Schertz personnel than to do it yourself, more so if you lack the experience. Ensure that instructions on the product package are followed for best results.

Water your grass the right way

Like all living things, your lawn needs water to grow properly. Without water application the right way, grass lawn can start dying gradually. Usually, this starts with browning and eventual wilting of the leafy parts of the plant.

Watering should be done in the early mornings, usually between 8 am and 11 am before the sun rises too high. From noon to late afternoons, the heat in the atmosphere can absorb the available moisture so it’s best not to water at these times.

“Adequate watering in the morning means your grass gets to absorb as much fluid as it needs for its metabolic activities without any danger. On the other hand, watering late in the day causes the grass not to absorb most of the moisture leading to swamping and excess moisture formation. This particular condition is perfect for diseases to spread throughout your lawn.”

A recommended solution from us at GoMow Lawn Care Services is for lawn owners to install a sprinkler irrigation system, which could be automated or manual or hire affordable lawn maintenance in Schertz, TX.

However, be aware, watering too frequently can lead to poor development of the root system of your grass. This development can affect their ability to survive harsh conditions like droughts and the likes.

Test your soil

Testing your soil regularly confirms one thing – its health status. Poor soil simply cannot produce a healthy, green lawn. If your lawn isn’t looking great and you’ve tried everything possible to improve it but nothing works, perhaps testing the soil should be your best bet.

A dedicated soil test will detect your soil p.H, its nutrient level and composition.

In some instances, you will realize that the reason why your grass isn’t growing healthily is due to the soil type. To combat this development, fertilizer addition can be encouraged to improve the soil when everything else fails.

Aerate your lawn once a year

Over time, your lawn yard can become compacted which can lead to poor performance of its soil. Heavy traffic, weather conditions and leaving heavy objects can lead to compaction of the soil. Compacted soil cannot grow healthy, green grass. Therefore, it’s important to apply aeration on the soil every year to loosen it up. With several professional lawn maintenance in Schertz, all you need to do is just to get started.

Aeration can be done with simple garden tools or aeration machines for large lawns. It involves puncturing the soil to break up the clumped earth. When done right, aeration causes an instant, noticeable improvement in the state of grass.

If you’re looking for how to make the lawn thick and green in Schertz, these tips will get you on the right path. Although these tips may seem simple, implementing them all at once can be overwhelming, especially when you have other priorities and responsibilities.

GoMow Lawn Care Service offers affordable lawn maintenance in Schertz, Texas for homeowners like you. If you find yourself envying the thicker, greener grass of your neighbors, we are ready to assist you.

Get a free quote and we will work with you to create a customized plan that caters to your lawn’s specific needs. With our help, you can achieve the beautiful lawn you’ve been longing for.