5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Moss In Yard At Universal City, TX?

5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Moss In Yard At Universal City, TX?

To get rid of moss in a yard, first, we need to understand what moss is and how it affects lawn yards. Moss is a prehistoric plant that evolved from the algae plant millions of years ago. Like Algae, moss does well in moisture and easily grows in wet places like soil, crevices, rocks, logs, etc.

This plant is a fungus which means it has spores usually disseminated by the wind. While moss isn’t really harmful, it can be quite unsightly and detracts from the aesthetic look of your lawn. Moss is easy to identify physically due to its unique look.

Moss has over 15,00 species and comes in different colors. There are green, blue, black, yellow, grey, and orange mosses. However, the most common type is the green-colored ones you often see around. Thanks to professional affordable lawn maintenance, treating moss in the lawn is not much of a challenge.

Types of Moss

Before you consider whether to treat moss in the lawn, it’s necessary to be able to identify it. You can’t kill moss in the lawn successfully if you cannot tell what it is in sight. To do this, you need to know what it looks like and be knowledgeable about the different types in existence.

Below are some types of moss you may find around you:

  1. Hair cap moss

    This type of moss can be found clogged on the soil surface.

  2. Cushion moss

    This type of moss grows in clumps on the surface of the oil

  3. Rock moss

    Usually found on rocks and on ground surfaces, rock moss is quite common.

  4. Sphagnum moss

    This is the biggest species of moss and is often found close to water sources. You will find sphagnum moss in streams, creeks, etc.

  5. Sheet moss

    As the name implies, sheet moss grows flat on wet surfaces and can be peeled off like a carpet sheet.

How Moss Affects Your Lawn

There are different ways that the presence of moss can negatively affect your lawn and landscape. Listed below are some of these ways:

  • Moss affects your lawn by reducing the aesthetic look of it
  • It can also be misinterpreted as having a poor maintenance culture on your property
  • Lawn yards with moss may get exposed to other forms of fungi which might be harmful

Are you suffering from invasion from unwanted moss growth? Your local yard service offering lawn care in Universal City can always come to your assistance with professional help.

Best Time to Remove Moss

The good news about eradicating moss is the fact that it can be done at any time of the season. Whenever you choose, your lawn service in Universal City can scrape off this annoying, often-unwanted fungal plant.

However, removal doesn’t mean that moss won’t be back. If lawn maintenance is careless again, moss can easily return to your property.

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Moss in Your in Universal City, TX

In this section, we have discussed the core of this write-up. There are 5 ways you can eradicate moss from your lawn and stop it from coming back.

  1. Increase your soil p.H

    Soils with low p.H are often afflicted with high moss activity. Hire appropriate lawn maintenance in Universal City to test your soil for acidity which usually causes moss growth. By doing a soil test, you can know what needs to be done to improve its condition.

    For home-based remedies, lime application can turn things around if your soil is too acidic. However, please seek professional help from an affordable lawn service rather than DIY practices.

  2. Aerate the soil

    Moss proliferates easily on compacted, tight soil surfaces with moisture. Proper aeration can solve this problem if done right and will eventually get rid of moss in the yard. In many cases, a poor drainage system triggers compaction of the soil and eventually fungal plants like moss appear on it.

    Clay soil is the most susceptible soil affected by moss due to its features. Aeration can create the right drainage needed to remove excess moisture from the soil, break the compacted form and allow nutrients and air to pass through easily.

  3. Dethatch the lawn

    Thatch buildup increases the chances of your soil becoming compacted, trapping moisture and encouraging fungal growth for plants like moss. Dethatching is a process of removing dead leaves, grass, and other organic materials which clog the lawn surface stifling the grass from growing optimally. If your moss problems are persistent, consider adding dethatching to your list of processes to kill moss in the lawn.

  4. Reduce shade on your lawn

    Moss doesn’t do well in the heat but loves shaded areas; upon hire, a lawn service in Universal City can work on your moss problem by reducing shade on your landscape. You might be surprised to wake up realizing that your moss problems have disappeared overnight.

    “If your lawn yard receives enough sunlight, up to 2 to 12 hours of sunlight, the lesser your chances of suffering moss issues. If you hire lawn mowing in Universal City, consider requesting for pruning of shrubs, trees and thinning out of thick canopy around your property.”

  5. Apply a chemical solution

    Certain specific chemical solutions are designed to eliminate moss is essential in removing moss from the lawn. If a fast response is what you need for a moss problem, using chemical moss killer is the way to go. Most of these products can be found in lawn care shops and are labeled correctly for easy identification.

    Ensure that you follow the instructions on the container. In the long run, it will be better to find the root cause of the problems. Chemical solutions are effective but they’re a one-off application. Solving the root cause solves the moss problem once and for all.

    Removing weeds doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. You might have to try different approaches to see what works best for your lawn. Any one of the above options can do the magic for your landscape.

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