10 Essential Things You Need To Do To Your Lawn Right Now In Coppell, TX

10 Essential Things You Need To Do To Your Lawn Right Now In Coppell, TX

It’s an undeniable fact that every home owner who has a lawn yard would want it to look great. In fact, lawn yards are the best places to have a get-together with family, especially when the weather is great. In this write-up, we have discussed 10 essential things you need to do your lawn right now in Coppell, TX.

  1. Mow higher to protect your grass

    Winter is coming so it’s important to mow the grass a little bit higher than before to keep the lawn leafy and shielded for the cold season. Taller grass usually has deeper roots and fuller growth overall. To mow higher, get your lawn mowing service in Coppell, TX to cut the grass higher in Fall season.

  2. Deep watering does the trick

    To make your grass green, fresh and healthy, water deeply to soak the lawn yard up to one inch biweekly or at the very least once a week.

    Place an empty 2 inch can on the lawn surface to measure the depth of the water released on the lawn. Watering should only be done as needed to avoid flooding the lawn yard.

  3. Keep your lawn mower blades sharp

    Sharp lawn mower blades are best for cutting the lawn. For one, it makes mowing the lawn easy and fast and secondly, it reduces the incidence of torn or damaged grass stems. Torn and badly-cut grass can easily get infected by disease-causing organisms like fungi.

    For best results, hire proper lawn care in Coppell to handle all your lawn mowing in Coppell needs.

  4. Water early before noon

    For Coppell lawn care, watering in the morning is something you cannot do without. It’s simply the best time of the day to water your lawn to keep the grass hydrated and green. Evaporation is also less at this time which means the grass can absorb more water than lose it.

    The best hours to water the lawn is between 6 am to 10 am in the mornings. Consult with your lawn maintenance in Coppell, TX for additional information.

  5. Eliminate Pests

    Pest control is an essential thing you need to do to your lawn to keep it in good shape. Pests like grubs, leaf-eating insects, ants and termites, and other bugs can heavily impact the health of your lawn if left untreated.

    Introduce a preventive measure to counter their potential attack on your lawn or simply tackle them head-on to keep the lawn safe and healthy.

  6. Aeration increases Lawn Health

    Adequate permeability in the soil means that your grass will have quicker access to water, oxygen-bearing air, nutrients and sunlight. Aeration increases the permeability of the soil because it eradicates soil compaction and improves absorption and diffusion.

    To aerate your lawn the right way, use your pitch fork or garden spade or trowel to break up packed soil then water it down to soften it.

    An alternative solution when considering aeration is to have a Coppell lawn service use an aeration tool like a plug or core aerator on your lawn. It’s effective and faster for ll intents and purposes.

  7. Eradicate weeds

    Weeds compete with your lawn grass for food, air, oxygen and nutrients, it’s important therefore to eradicate them as soon as you notice them on your lawn. Leaving weeds on your lawn is clearly asking for trouble as it will take root and spread fast all over the lawn yard.

    A weed-infested lawn is a near-dead lawn as weeds will choke lawn grasses to death if left to fester. It’s advisable to get a professional lawn mowing service in Coppell, TX to get involved. Removal of weeds could be by hand if it’s a large one, by pre-emergent weed treatment or post-emergent weed treatments which target the weed but doesn’t affect the grass.

  8. Repair dead patches and over-seed

    Dead patches or spots are common on lawn yards where there is some sort of regular activity on. Parked vehicles, equipment, foot traffic, playing kids and the introduction of certain compounds can kill off the grass in some parts of the lawn yard.

    Clearing the grass of these elements can actually reawaken the dying grass but in some cases, over-seeding treatment will be required. Clean up the area, prepare the soil then water it to get it damp enough. Next introduce organic fertilizer before seeding with the same species of grass growing in the area.

    When this is done right, grass will start growing in the dead spot again and over-time, your lawn can become uniformly green and healthy again.

  9. Avoid wet mowing

    Mowing the lawn when the weather is wet can cause problems. Wet grass can clog the mower and affect its cutting system. Grass suffers a lot more damage when cut in wet conditions. Fungal disease and other similar microbes can easily affect the open wounds in wet grass faster than in dry conditions. Mow in the mid morning or late afternoon for best results. Consult with a Coppell lawn service like GoMow Lawn Mowing, Coppell, TX for professional help.

  10. Leave lawn mowing for professional services

    For the best lawn mowing results, it’s often better to leave your lawn care needs in the hands of a professional lawn mowing service in Coppell, TX like GoMow Lawn Mowing, Coppell, TX.

Experience, manpower, equipment and training are some of the reasons why hiring a professional lawn service is better.

Are you ready to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy? Get a free quote at GoMow Lawn Care Service to get started today.

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