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Work Experience

How many years of lawn care experience do you have?
Are you legal to work in U.S. ?
Do you have a Social Security Number ?
Do you have an EIN(Employer Identification Number) ?
What languages do you speak fluently?
What languages do your read and write fluently?
Have you been convicted of a felony?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Do you own a smart phone?


Do your have full coverage and/or liability Insurance?


Please mark the follow equipment you own

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Mowing Information

What days are you available for service?
What is your average mowing price for mowing, blowing, edging and weed eating?
Do you service zero lot line? If so, what is your average mowing price for zero lot lines?
Do you offer one time mowing service?
What zip codes do you service (Enter Comma Seperated)?

Vehicle Information

Make ?
Model ?
Year ?
Color ?
License Plate number ?

Personal Information

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