Why Should You Consider Overseeding Your Lawn After Aeration In Boerne, TX?

Why Should You Consider Overseeding Your Lawn After Aeration In Boerne, TX?

Have you ever noticed those that have sparse growth on some parts of it? The general look of such a lawn is one of uneven growth – while some areas are full and green, some other parts are brown and have thin growth. It’s not enough to hire lawn mowing in Boerne, other lawn care services are required to keep lawn grass healthy.

A number of causes can lead to a thin, patchy appearance in lawns but in all, the solution is to overseed the lawn completely. However, overseeding isn’t the first step to take; first, diagnose the problem, and then treat it if there’s a disease condition present. Next, carry out aeration and overseed the lawn completely.

Overseeding after aeration offers wonderful benefits for lawns with brown patchy growth. Aeration loosens compacted soil, while overseeding helps redistribute grass seedlings to facilitate even growth all over the lawn.

Why Aeration?

Aeration is the activity involving breaking up compacted soil particles using an aeration tool. These tools could be improvised ones or a complete aeration device. Using an aeration tool, plugs of soil can be removed from the soil creating loosened earth that is more permeable for the movement of nutrients, air and water which propagates the growth of grass.

Aeration eliminates the problem of compacted soil and thatch making it easy for your grass to absorb the nutrients and resources they need and grow better. Always ensure to carry out overseeding after aeration – the two lawn care activities go together. If you’re searching for a ‘lawn service near me’ in Boerne, ensure to do your due diligence in terms of checking for reviews and recommendations before hiring.

There are a decent number of lawn care in Boerne that can deliver a professional aeration experience for lawns that are compacted. It’s important to first consider aeration, overseeding can come afterwards for best results.

Lawns with a lot of foot traffic need aeration as a means to reduce soil compaction. Such lawns are usually stressed and look a good mix of green and brown because of this. Aeration, as already mentioned, helps to dethatch the soil as well. Thatch is the dead plant matter left from already cut grass which can accumulate on the soil surface causing obstruction.

Over time, thatch can become a hindrance to the growth of your lawn. Aeration machines can break up thatch as it removes plugs of soil from the lawn. While aeration machines are best because of the soil plug removal feature, improvised aeration tools include garden forks, rakes, aeration shoes, hand trowels, shovels, etc.

These tools might not do the job as well as aeration machines but using them to break your compacted soil is better than nothing after all. For use of aeration machines, hiring a proven lawn service in Boerne is your best bet to get the best results possible.

Benefits of Aeration

In our experience as lawn care experts, there are several top benefits of aeration. These benefits include the following:

  • It stops soil compaction
  • Improves growth of grass
  • Dethatchers the soil
  • Facilitates movement of water, air and essential nutrients
  • Improves soil structure
  • Improves soil absorption ability
  • Reduces stress from the elements
  • Increase grass resistance to disease

Why Overseed the Lawn?

Overseeding is an activity that concerns dispersing new grass seedlings all over your lawn yard to stimulate new and uniform grass growth on it. Overseeding after aeration is usually the order in which this is carried out.

Lawns need overseeding from time to time, especially when you notice brown patches developing all over it. If you have a lot of foot or vehicle traffic on the lawn, overseeding will help to combat patchy growth.

Benefits of Overseeding

Overseeding has several benefits which are great for stressed out, brown patched lawn yards. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Improves the look of lawn yards
  • Stimulates new and even growth of grass
  • Increases the durability of your grass
  • Enhances grass growth and development long term

How to Aerate and Overseed the Lawn

To carry out aeration and overseeding, consider hiring lawn care in Boerne for an increased chance of getting better results. Overall, professional lawn care in Boerne will do a better job than any DIY lawn care practice a lawn owner can do.

Aeration should be done when the soil is damp. Consider watering the soil a few hours before using a core mechanical aerator on the soil to pull plugs from it. Soil plugs are best left on the lawn surface so it can break down and get reintegrated back into the soil.

Overseeding can be carried out by hand. Evenly distribute the grass seedlings all over the aerated soil surface. Light watering can be done afterwards to create a moist environment that encourages quick germination.

When Is the Best Time for Aeration and Overseeding?

If you’re wondering which comes first and when the best time is, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern for many homeowners. Is it aeration before or after overseeding?

As important as both activities are, there are specific times when these lawn practices have to be applied. Timing is important to ensure best outcomes. Aeration for instance, should be done once every two years at least.

Lawns with heavy usage can be aerated once a year aeration though. Consult a lawn service in your area to be certain of what’s needed. Overseeding needs to be done during fall, which is after the stress of summer when it looks like your grass needs some extra care.

If you notice your soil has become compacted, hire lawn care in Boerne for aeration and overseeding of your lawn immediately.

Is Aeration and Overseeding Worth it?

Every lawn needs aeration and overseeding once a year depending on the lawn usage. It is more than worth it if you love healthy, beautiful lawn yards. These two activities will preserve your lawn for long years ahead.

Lawns benefit greatly from proper care and treatment so yes, aeration and overseeding are worth it. If your lawn looks sparse and has bare spots or brown patches, aeration and overseeding can solve this problem.

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